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Thursday, 10 August 2017


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What will be done about NK? As of today, I predict pretty much nothing directly against the country itself. Our modern delicate western sensibilities will not stomach the kind of casualties an all out war would bring. Seoul, SK is in the balance and won't be sacrificed because of Kim. Our military at the DMZ won't be sacrificed either. What about China? It will do nothing for us as Kim is a useful proxy. Russia? What a joke...we pass stupid sanctions against them and they will help us?

The US will most likely continue to refine our anti missile program as well as give anti missile capability to our allies in S.E. Asia as well as nuclear weapons to Japan and South Korea. It is many years too late to stop the NK regime directly. There is no getting through to Kim and his band of zips.

Sorry Duffers I disagree on this, one thing the chinese are mot is stiupid.

They are also unconstrained by the public opinion and so have a pretty free hand which can b a help.

I think the Donald is playing a game here and I suspect the chinese are being kept in the loop. I certainly hope so.

Dammit, Cuffers, stop being so optimistic!

And yet the Chinks supplied the tractor erector launchers that give the Nork nukes mobility... Velly velly stupid me no likee!

Had it occurred to you that any and probably all of those North Korean generals are probably aware that their life expectancies would be measured in minutes if they launched a nuclear weapon at anybody?

Arming Japan and South Korea with nukes is a very interesting one.

It has echoes of Trump's attitude to NATO and the EU. What would be more threatening against Vlad: The status quo of a US NATO umbrella over Europe projecting its military power at him, or, a re-armed Germany with gawd knows how many Panzer divisions and French nukes flying overhead, and masters of their own military destiny?

The principal of "Bait and Bleed", "Divide and Conquer" might be thought to come into play. The solid wall of NATO now divided, Vlad can play one off against the other and tackle each individually. Rather like Napoleon at Austerlitz.

However, if each severed part of the old NATO - the US and the EU - is still stronger and sufficiently united to be more powerful than Vlad, it will have done him no good. He might even end up in a double Cannae like the Romans.

The moment NATO splits and the EU goes full-on for Franco-German militarisation, Putin will be on the euros like a rash, trying to pull apart disgruntled states into his sphere of interest, like some Gulag rock breaking inmate who has succeeded in splitting a big boulder, he sets to work again on one of the halves.

I think he will fail. The populist-nationalist country-bumpkinism has reached it's zenith in Europe now. The new European Federation has surmounted its final hurdle and can advance to claim it's long time waiting victory.

In the Far East, Trump could quite easily set in motion a nuclear military federation and then step away; one that could squash North Korea without assistance, and pose a real local menace to China - a role reversal of what North Korea is to the US.

My worry is that at the highest level, will all these Western-minded blocks have the solidarity to stick together? Or will one or other of them be corruptible? This wasn't a problem when all of us were under Uncle Sam's wing directly.

Perhaps I should have more faith in the Western ideals, once instilled in a nation or federation never to be removed. But when you see gobshite Farage, and Trump for that matter, shouting their mouths off about how clever, great, and politically admirable Putin is, it makes me wonder.


Sometimes I think the nuclear bomb was the 20th century Western solution to the Eastern mindset. East is East and West is West and all that.

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