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Thursday, 31 August 2017


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"The chances of any improvement in the French unemployment rate of 10%, with youth unemployment at over 20%..."
That can be a deadly brew. Too many young people, especially males can result in a default to radicalism and violence. Entire unforeseen movements can rise quickly.


No sign of unrest among fwench youf so far ...

Unless they get their act together the French are not going to get their fair share of the British jobs lost post Brexit. It looks like the Germans will be the prime beneficiaries. But that's to be expected. It's a darn shame my grandfather isn't alive to see this. He didn't speak very good English but you didn't need much to get Benny Hill. And he loved watching Benny Hil. He certainly would have appreciated David Davis. That man is a real card. I love the way he bleats about Europeans being mean to him while demanding they deliver two cakes so he can have one to eat now and one to have later.

He reminds me of that guy. And everybody knows a guy like that guy. He's the guy who always bolts for the door when when the restaurant check arrives and claims he only had a salad. And then wonders aloud why no one invites him to dinner parties anymore. The clock is tick tick ticking away and March of 2019 approaches. The fun will begin sooner I think when it becomes clear that whining doesn't get you anywhere.

Uhm Henry?

Hows come it is you always on me usage-wise while you never (well, hardly ever) call David out on his?

I await with bated breath ... though I'll admit I once met a Japanese lass where the baited was probably appropriater.


Several reasons: (1)David's less correct usage was not addressed to me personally; (2)I kinda understood what he was saying, anyway; (3)he had already used the word "flaunt" instead of "flout", so it woulda felt like piling on; (4)you and I are buddies, and that's what buddies do -- they rank each other out; (5)David is also an online buddy of mine, but he is more sensitive than you are; (6)for all I know, "bated" and "baited" may be synonyms, as well as homophones, in England.


(7)Just the other day I remarked to David:

WTF does "immigration restriction" mean? There is "immigration" and there is "not immigration". But there is no such thing as "immigration restriction" because "unrestricted immigration" is "not immigration" -- it is "open borders".

I'd like to say I feel sympathy for Les Grenoilles in electing the Micron but that would be hypocritical of me.

Suck it up mes amis.

Bugger it - grenouilles not grenoilles

"A Thatcherite he is not. He emerged from the Socialist Party, and for all his new plumage he remains at heart a defender of the sacred French model."


Alright, alright, JK, so I made a mistake, mea culpa and all that sort of thing, but you try writing this crap day in and day out and see how you get on! In the meantime, you will just have to wait with bated breath until I hand in my hundred lines at tea-time!

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