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Friday, 04 August 2017


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Under these circs we're gonna find out which constitutions, US or UK, has the wherewithal to protect the asylum from the lunatics.

In fact you might add the EU to those two too.

Winter is coming ...


David "All the worlds a stage and each must play his part" guess who? Life is just entertainment thats why we give entertainers so much lucre. Tragedy ,farce,drama, comedy, politics is just that, and so is our immediate lifestyles. You have failed to remember the plunge into the pool with all its invigoration.Go down the pub and have a session of putting the world to rights. You have a great track record of hitting the nail on the head although your pophecies are a bit Duff. The St Emillion 2002 sorts the world particularly well.

It is the Democratic party my quasi illiterate friend. You need not worry too much about over spending in Britain just now. The stimulus spending the Conservative government took over the last year had the desired effect of pumping up the economy in the run up to the Brexit referendum. But it cannot continue because it also stimulated inflation which is now hovering at around a fiscally dangerous 3 per cent. The economic drag of uncertainty is now restraining growth and that won't go away until Brexit does or the Europeans miraculously decide British interests are more important than theirs. Which is why the British economy is starting to drag the the growth projections for Europe are now twice those of Britain. It seems all those business types who decide where to actually invest money were maybe worth listening to. Not to worry though, Trump will save you and try to remember it is always darkest just before it gets even darker.

"The St Emillion 2002 sorts the world particularly well."

Now that's the sort of comment I like, to the point and useful. Thanks, Peter, er, that's Peter Whale, of course!

Duffers old bean, ignore Pompous he's no idea what he's talking about I think he must be off his meds.

But the problems inte West aren't brexit or Trump, to coin a phrase they are just symptoms of the reL malaise which is cultutal marxism which dominating politics and academia is driving a wedge between over educated and overpaid people like, just like our friend pompous actually; and the commonsense of people who have to deal daily with reality, paying taxes, paying artificially linflated bills, trying to grow their businesses or their savings.

There is no need for it to end in violence but it cannot be completely excluded.

I think, reading between the lines that people are waking up and politics is beginning to catch up.

Cursed with natural optimism as I am, I'm stocking up on canned food and ammunition!

I simply have to admire this level of sophistry: "The last reduction in rates was made last August, to ward off a Brexit referendum recession which turned out to be nothing more than a figment of his imagination: economic growth accelerated after the vote." So if I understand correctly Carney's action in providing growth stimulus was wrong because it worked and stimulated growth? And the current downturn in growth projections and actual real time measurements is due to what exactly? Brexit exuberance maybe?

Cuffers, or simply Post Modern Marxism. The 'Right' people are always just an election away.

Charles Krauthammer being completely correct is something like the breaking of the 7th seal in the book of Revelations. There will next be peals of thunder, the rumblings of earthquakes and the blasts of seven trumpets.

The Donald is discovering the US president is not a king or above the law, and that there are a Supreme Court and Congress coequal to him and his family. Who knew that, like healthcare, government could be so complicated?

My money is on the US and EU constitutions being ok enough to weather the storm.

Blighty will take shelter, humiliated and resigned at last that empire 1.0 is finally over and empire 2.0 is country-bumpkin la-la land, in one or other harbour of the US or EU.


And you can't wait, can you, SoD?

Too true G, too true!

Imagine England, Wales, Scotland, NI, Gib becoming the 51-55 states of the US!

Or the 28-32 states of the EU!

Or better still: BOTH!

Yes, the UK run as a protectorate of the US and EU. A single market and freedom of movement with each one.


"Yes, the UK run as a protectorate of the US and EU. A single market and freedom of movement with each one."
No doubt you were a John Lennon fan back in the day? Under your dream all of us will need to weed out just who can and can't do the free movement.

Btw, if you fancy stabbing yourself in the eyeball on a Saturday morning, try this ...">">

Hopefully the google link will get you past the FT paywall.

The gist of it is: The Euros can't believe that the UK shambolical negotiating position is real. They actually think the Brit's Baldrick like "cunning plan" is not the clusterfk that it appears to be, but that lurking underneath the farce there is a "cunning plan", and the Brits are up to something.

That's the state of UK politics today. So dysfunctional, incompetent, and negligent that peer observers can't actually believe it. The village idiot who is so idiotic that the village people think it's an act.

Now, how does subcontracting your governance to an external competency, as we have done for the last 40 years to great effect, sound now? And what about two external competencies? Wouldn't that be better than being the idiot so idiotic that he's thought to be a clown?


AussieD, a local council AND a court backed this?? Where do people like this come from. As Cuffers calls it-cultural Marxism- or I call it post modern Marxism. Shocking! Any way normal citizens can place these council people on a boat pointed south?


"Imagine England, Wales, Scotland, NI, Gib becoming the 51-55 states of the US!"
I like it! I would propose a minor change, however: instead of becoming the 51-55 states of the US, they would become the 1-5 unincorporated organized territories of Puerto Rico, which itself is an unincorporated organized territory of the United States. That way, we could also shift California to join them as the 6th unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico.

It's win-win!

There is a CAL-EXIT movement underway organized by the YES CALIFORNIA committee. They need to get about 585,407 signatures to get it on the March 2019 special election ballot. All this because Trump won the election.

In agreement with your unincorporated territories being the better way to go.


California can put its mama on the ballot as if the Federal Government could give a crap. Next year they will put Proposition #6,637,455 on the ballot to change the State's name to "Land of the Funky Unicorns".

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