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Sunday, 27 August 2017


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Well not so a while I shall crawl into my pickup truck and go off for a day of bass fishing! My brother special ordered a new fishing rod for me and he has it with him. Now I just have to give him the $196.00 the thing cost him.

Whitewall all you need is one depth charge and you'll have enough fish to last a year or to feed the whole crew of a destroyer.

Mind you the odd stray depth charge can be had to come by in the civilian world so a couple of sticks of "jelly" will do the same.

AussieD, they frown on depth charges around here. Now an occasional stick of dynamite has been used to "raise the catfish", but naturally I would never do such an unsporting thing! Besides, depth charges tend to upset any nearby boats as well as their operators.

Whitewall it is some time since I had access to and the authority to use "pressure bait". They did however mean that there was fresh fish for the whole crew - an fortuitous side benefit to "essential training exercises".

Good luck with the Bass. I hope the new rod does its work properly.

Duffers on my trips to the UK I always took wet weather gear and never used it once - likewise the trip in 2015. I think all this talk of it constantly raining is a figment of the Brit imagination to discourage visitors.

We are OK. The hurricane settled down to a mere 'himicane' in a few hours, and now we only have the rain, the rain, my God, the rain.

Of course, the devastation down on the coast is pretty impressive, but the eye seems to have hit Rockport, a little fishing village or tourist haven, rather than Corpus Christi, so that even the damage is much less than it might have been.There was a fire in an apartment building, and right at the height of the storm, such that the firefighters could not get to it. One man died. That's very sad, but, the other thirty million Texans just partied on.

Remember, Texans do not need alcohol to get giddy. Rain does it to us just about as well. People do like to ride out the storms, both to protect their property from thieves and vandals and for the sheer adventure of it. We do not have a mandatory evacuation law, and there'd be a much worse storm if the Legislature tried to pass one, but the authorities obtain much of the same effect by constantly telling people who are riding it out to write their names, Social Security numbers, and name and 'phone number of the next of kin on a prominent place on the body. It gets the point across quite effectively.

David, you've been led astray. James Kirchick doesn't always write things calculated to appeal to the rightist point of view. Here's the Amazon review of his book 'The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age':

"Once the world’s bastion of liberal, democratic values, Europe is now having to confront demons it thought it had laid to rest. The old pathologies of anti-Semitism, populist nationalism, and territorial aggression are threatening to tear the European postwar consensus apart. In riveting dispatches from this unfolding tragedy, James Kirchick shows us the shallow disingenuousness of the leaders who pushed for “Brexit ..."

Sounds rather bleak. He also goes a bit easy on Bannon, who is one of the main players dividing the Republican party and who represents an element of Kirchick's European nightmare over here. Ironic.

Bob, I don't always read things "calculated to appeal to the rightest point of view". I just read opinion pieces and then use such judgment as I have.

Michael, I'm delighted and relieved that all is well with you. I was a bit worried because I know that you always do things bigger and better in Texas!

AussieD, dammit, you must tell me the next time you visit!

Did you see those crowds that came out with pitchforks to support the white racist rallies of the Profa faction of the Republican Party? No you didn't. Three hundred white supremacists and forty thousand anti-white supremacist protesters. Not so good boys. And everyone with half a brain knows who Steve Bannon is. How could one not know he was the mind behind the white supremacist douche site Breitbart? So he wants to play identity politics? I know that game. And silly blogger, that is the whole point of Brexit isn't it? I foresee a bit of a problem there mind. I seriously doubt all those Europeans you despise are waiting for an opportunity to give your government what you want. Which so far consists of pleas not to change anything. In return for which you offer venom and bile.

David, I look forward to your posting links to the Guardian and Daily Mirror.

Tut, tut, Bob, you are obviously not reading me closely. What I wrote was "I just read opinion pieces and then use such judgment as I have." Doing so precludes most of the 'Graun' and the 'Mirror'.

I applaud your modesty, David.

Classic Duff! On the basis of reading exactly four books he comes to the conclusion that woman cannot write. Next up he will compare the ethnicity of various writers and also conclude they cannot write presumably because they did not write in English.. Finally using the paint color cards obtained from the paint store he will do an advanced corporal grade literary comparison to determine that writing talent and skin tone correlate.

So you've been reading the genre for years and it's only now you have come to this conclusion? On the basis of reading exactly two books written by women! What! An! Idiot! We've all done dumb things in our time but few boast of their stupidity.

"We've all done dumb things in our time but few boast of their stupidity."

Thet there'ns a gem Pompous. 'Preciate your honesty.

Oh. An' thisun:

"What! An! Idiot!"

This here blog of David's gots more fun than commentors.

On the offchance one of "my fellow readers" doesn't immediately recognize where my chuckling originates - as David states in his final rumble of today:

"[O]ne of the greatest novels ever written - and by a lady, too!"

From Pompous' above comment:

"On the basis of reading exactly two books written by women!"

By my counting our David's read, at least, three.

So much for Pompous' boasting.

because he had passed out drunk

"Pissed as a cricket" is the local term for it and it would be better if they were that way when ever they made any momentous decisions as they would surely be better than the crap ones they make when sober.

Duffers I would reckon that SWMBO and I may get to the UK one more time as her mobility is not likely to improve much. If/when we do I'll make sure Zummerzet is on the itinerary. 2019 looks promising.

An old "Squaddie" and an old "Pusser" could keep the locals amused for hours over a pint or several.

Don't hang around, AussieD, by 2019 I might not be too mobile, either!

I might not be too mobile, either!

We only have to be mobile enough to make it to the Tippling Philosopher where we could dazzle them all with our wit, personality and astounding knowledge of everything.

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