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Monday, 04 September 2017


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Hope the Memsahib comes through her test with flying colors.

BTW, approve your decision.

Bets wishes to the Memsah'b.

Your blog Mr D, your rules.

If you mean whom I think you mean, I'm sure your right. No one likes to have to block people but there was nothing but pure unpleasantness, gratuitous insults, and essentially a deliberate and sustained effort to spoil people's enjoyment of your very civilized blog.

Shame. I think he probably needs help.

I agree with Cuffley

Hope the results on the Mrs. checkup is excellent.

Some decisions are a necessity regardless the level of difficulty.

David, best wishes to 'Er'Indoors.'

With regard to the erm... person you have blocked, what struck me was his inflated regard of self plus total lack of self-awareness. It really says something when someone's posts make everyone ignore any point he may be trying to make, and focus instead on what a sad sack of shit he is.

For what it's worth, I also agree with Cuffley. The lad needs professional help.

Best wishes to the Memsahib. And strength to your servile elbow while you provide the necessary care.

When you say you have "rid yourself" of that individual, do you mean that he has been banned, or is he sleeping with the fishes?

Good funny this morning!

rid myself of that 'pestilential priest

One round fired for effect. You should have been a gunnery officer Duffers [though now they call them Weapons Engineers in what passes for my old service]. Don't know what "the cousins" call them. JK?

David, I hope the Memsahib does well.
Some of the best decisions are made early on Monday mornings.

Good luck to the Memsahib. A pity about the annoyance, but it sounds as though I missed some juicy posts. He has no idea that without credibility, whatever he said was a waste of time, and he lost that (for me) when he accused you of saying something which blatantly you did not.

Did you see that they are intending to do a remake of "Lord of the Flies"?


Read something about that awhile back. Should make for an interesting movie with an all girl cast.

Too right David, your blog your rules. I delight in the banter with SoD the other is just obnoxious. Hope the missus is back making the tea soon.

Best wishes for the Mrs. I quit bothering with the other blog because there are commenters there even more angry. I'm still puzzled as to what they think they represent.


Best wishes to your blushing bride.

Given the tolerance you have shown to many dumb, illogical, and wrongheaded posts or those with which you simply disagree the malefactor is a very special specimen. You are right he should be on display elsewhere,

Hope the check up goes well!
As others have said, your blog, your rules. I said nothing because I am not one to advocate the shutting down of free speech. But there is free speech and free speech. I am glad to hear things will be more pleasant. I thoroughly delight in your posts and your commenters.


Best wishes to the 'Memsahib'.

TheVeryBigHenry Plantagenet would have approved.

TheBigHenry says, "Fck 'im if he can't take a joke."

The PP claimed to have been a thirty year veteran lecturer in Physics. Usually, I can spot the juvenility in the errors of fact that they make, and, frankly speaking, I did not detect many of those, but then, I stopped reading his comments some weeks ago. The attitude was, yes, quite juvenile, but we do not all mature at the same rate. (Never mind how I know that, heh!)

However, a troll is ALWAYS characterized by comments which reflect a failure to read the post or previous comment on which his entry was alleged to have been based.

For me, the Socialist is irritating because he or she fails to deal with , to answer, facts as I have observed and experienced them. "("Hey boy, who you gonna believe, me or yo lyin' eyes?") My 'modern history' begins in the fifties, when I started to follow news media at about age eight. However, it extends backward, because I also watched television news and retrospectives and reading news magazines in my great grandmother's garage, with, for example, wartime ads for everything, admonishing us not to use too much of the product. Sure, the war ended five years before I was born, but the ration books, for example, we still about, as were the complaints from all the women about coping with rationing and other bureaucratic bright ideas.(Remember, we had rationing in this country, in the midst of abundance, when y'all had it to cope with actual scarcity. Go figure!)

So, all in all, "Thank God and Greyhound he's gone!"

So, the missus has a fracture of the fibula? My own Beloved Spousal Unit had that, about four years ago. It took the Devil's own time to heal, but it did heal, eventually. In her age bracket, and mine, rather close, there is a kind of balancing act. On the one hand, anesthesia is a risk, and, in the NHS, an expense, so an open reduction, a screw and plate, is to be avoided, but, OTOH bed rest has its hazards, too. I do wish her all the best, and will lift her up in prayer-by-name.

AD ... "Others"?

I've chummed, in what some person might've decried "baited breath" and so I now, simply, await.

JK will cause "some degree" of adverse circumstance - I feel it only due. My five-fingered-friends figure he's up for (and I use the word, unadvised) "comeuppance" - What JK has done is; for all intents and purposes do what should've been done prior - a WHOIS - plus; JK will take care of it "best he can."

You onboard AD?

JK knows "his" location.

Will there be anything else Sir?

I have no idea what JK is on about but I'm sure dozens of hitherto brave men are quivering and running for the caves.
Please give the memsahib my love and tell her there are better days ahead. After all she might meet a suave and sophisticated gentleman who will take her away from all this.

Andra, 'suave' is very difficult to pull off online...:)

"I have no idea what JK is on about ..."
Thanx, Andra. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one. I've never been much good at deciphering intimations.

I have staff working on it now...


I'll see your staff and raise you my rod.

Note well, however, I am not gay! Not that there's anything wrong with that ...


Now now! Freud was yesterday!


I stand admonished.

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