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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


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Like you, I have never used it, but have a son who thinks it is common sense given a welcome boost by brilliant technology. The fact that black-cab drivers are against it makes me warm to it. Sadiq Khan is also against it, which makes me want to send the organisation a voluntary donation.

What Whyaxye said.

Uber taxi drivers are the dog's bollocks.

Every one I've met has a fascinating gigger's story to tell. The Somalian immigrants to the self-funding students.

I even thought about doing it myself, and mixing it with the IT work.

TfL. Gotta hate every ounce of what that waste of carbon stands for.


I use them here in Oz and have set up accounts for my grand daughters to use late at night when they need it.

So far the service has been exemplary unlike the regular taxis the drivers of which seem to have trouble with English let alone knowing where to go.

AussieD, congratulations to Oz:

Bob I will believe it when I see it.

Recent Governments of both ilks down here do not have very good track records in turning thought bubbles into hardware.

The Greens will oppose it for no other reason than that the rockets will not be solar or wind powered and will insist on an environmental study into the effect on cloud formations and the lesser crested spotted newt known to inhabit the troposphere.

Still one can but hope.

I have a friend who is a Black Hack owner driver in Glasgow and his father set up the business and now retired. They do not have a problem with competition but do have with safety checks that the competition do not have to comply with and the associated costs for maintenance. A defect spotted by the police however small means the taxi is off the road and has to go to a Council appointed maintenance garage for repairs at cost, double cost as the taxi is off road.

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