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Saturday, 16 September 2017


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This year is the 77th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it looks like the battle is still on. Just 'for' Britain and maybe not 'of'. Once again it is the Continent that is the foe without. The onslaught of Islam is the foe within.

"Only a few days ago various 'wiseacres' were asking where and why Boris had disappeared. Was he contemplating early retirement? Was he fearful of being accused of disloyalty to St. Theresa of May? Or, and this, I admit was a possibility, was he was just plain bored with it all?"

Now we know. He was working out how to phrase such a breathtaking volte face without losing every shred of credibility. Seeing which way the wind is blowing and then pretending one was always sailing in that direction requires a lot of thought, redrafts, and running it past SPADs in order to get it right.

Not me, I was watching Boris in action. And what action it was! The EU had to do what he said or he was going to tell the Queen. They had a legal obligation to negotiate the way Britain wanted said Boris. Take them to the ECJ said I. Where do those Europeans get the silly idea that they get to make rules for themselves? Now he has emerged once again and dictated that those Evil Europeans will get not get nickel and they have to give Britain unrestricted access to their markets. Now I wasn't there to see the reaction of said Europeans but I am pretty certain it involved quite a lot of looking at each other and speculating whether or not Boris was retarded. Now we all perceive intelligence differently but if you think this is Boris being smart I say go to it.

Boris says Britain will be a low taxation, low regulation country. I say you will have whatever regulations the EU says you will have if you want to export to the EU. This will be especially true in financial markets and such. Low taxation means government has less revenue. Go ahead. See how that reduces your deificit. I am guessing here that Boris thinks being low taxation will make Britain the preferred destination for investment directed towards the European market. Gee, I wonder if there is anything the EU could do about that? Like, I don't know, maybe tariff British goods. Which coincidentally is exactly what will happen if the Europeans do nothing at all.

"Not me, I was watching Boris in action."

Of course you were Pompous. How can I be so certain of that?

By the many many times you've referenced him on this site.

Just out of curiousity whitewall, is there anything in your language that you think might persuade anyone in Europe that Britain would be a reliable partner in defense or intelligence sharing? Or incline them to take your economic interests seriously. Are you all convinced that if you insult them enough they won't hit you with the giant club they are holding? Maybe if you threaten to nuke them? I'd do that pretty quick though because I don't think you can afford nukes for much longer. Once those low taxes kick in you really won't have much spare cash. And what with the wars in the Falklands and Gibraltar and the Irish border things might get a little stretched. Maybe it will time to call in the Highlanders, if they aren't fighting on the European side.

All revolutions devour their children. Boris will go the way of Dave, May even sooner. And many more will follow.

Eventually, after as yet unknown privations, atrocities, and misery, a Napoleon or Stalin will get a ruthless grip.

For the offspring, American, Canadian, Australian, et al, you're watching the death of one of your parents. Freshly divorced from your other estranged parent, who, although sick, looks like it will recover.

You can squeeze the hand, hug the motionless frame, pray your heart out, but it's over.

You are alone in the world.

The thing that re-approaches you at some point in the future, the reanimated corpse, animated by whoever or whatever the Brit Napoleon or Stalin is, will be an imposter. Engage with caution.


SoD -

Eventually, after as yet unknown privations, atrocities, and misery, a Napoleon or Stalin will get a ruthless grip....
You can squeeze the hand, hug the motionless frame, pray your heart out, but it's over.
You are alone in the world.

You're a "glass-half-empty" sort of person, aren't you?

‭A comparison to Johnson's 10 point plan for Brexit ( ‬ )‭ shows he does indeed share more with The Donald than ‬feral hair:

£350m per week for the NHS: Not as ambitious as replacing Obamacare with "something fantastic" but equally as imaginative.

The UK will not pay to access the EU single market: "NAFTA is one of the most stupid deals ever made and it will be renegotiated on day one. We will built a border wall and Mexico will pay for it."

We will have an immigration [system] that suits the UK: See above but add "Does anyone really want to 'throw out' good, educated, young people?" (The answer among Republican voters is usually "yes").

We should seize the opportunity of Brexit to reform our tax system: This is the only real Republican raison d'être. Trump himself would profit bigly.

Britain will be able to become a “champion” for free trade: No direct American equivalent, except the paradoxical claim everything will be made better by withdrawing from a free trade zone.

Old friendships with Commonwealth countries will be renewed: "Wouldn't it be great if we were friends with Russia?"

This country will succeed in our new national enterprise, and will succeed mightily: "You'll be winning so much you'll get tired of it. Believe me!"

Foreigners could be prevented from buying homes in Britain: Nothing is our fault, it's all those damn foreigners'.

Britain will borrow more to pay for the infrastructure it deserves: Hard working Americans will have the infrastructure jobs they deserve, and we will never mention that Republicans love to borrow because rich people profit from debt.

Work on gene therapy will be accelerated: Here the similarity breaks down completely. This is an example of conservative Brits actually being more sophisticated. Only the rare modern Republican will admit there's such a thing as science.

"[I]s there anything in your language that you think might persuade anyone in Europe that Britain would be a reliable partner in defense or intelligence sharing? ..."

Allow me Whitewall?

Bob, that's all depressingly on target.

Ref the gene therapy: BoJo believes the NHS will be the vehicle to lead Britain's world leading gene therapy industry. I'm still wiping the cornflakes off my Microsoft Surface keyboard cover after reading that this morning.

Even Charles Moore, arch-Brexiteer, Tory party mouth piece of the DT, and BoJo brown-noser, baulked at that one, calling it a flight of fancy, or something ...

Like Barras, Robespierre, we are to be governed by peeps with flights of fancy for a while.

They'll have plenty of time to contemplate the folly of their flights of fancy when the ravens are picking the eyeballs out of their severed political heads atop the time honoured pikes on Westminster bridge.


Wow, the NR is actually trying to sanitize Trump's slogan, "America First":

"Trump isn’t quite promising “America über alles,” but it comes close. “America First” was the motto of Nazi-friendly Americans in the 1930s, and Trump has more than just a catchphrase in common with them. When he began using the phrase last year during the campaign, the Anti-Defamation League had asked him to stop."


I fear the peeps have been too much coached by our political advisers. Winning by way of public relations, A.K.A. "saying anything" has completely overrun one of our two major parties. Unfortunately we have no tradition of heads on pikes, only tarring and feathering then running out of town on a rail.

Firing on all cylinders today aren't you JK. Compression is low though. If you read Politico, and I do, they feature every asinine utterance of Boris. These are considered the funnies. And Boris is front and center today as he was last week when he tried to tell the entire freaking EU they were legally obligated to do what he wanted. Check it out. It is still there. As he said we should not doubt their stamina, guts or persistence in pulling this off. And I don't. Brains on the other hand seem to be in short supply. Not enough of that. There are many many examples in human history of people doing incredibly dumb things with stamina, guts and persistence.

Btw, in case you had not noticed Britain isn't America so the interests Trump will be looking to first won't be Britain's will they?. Even under the most optimistic conditions the European market will be of more more economic importance than a stand alone Britain. If the Europeans so desire, and they probably will, they can regulate their own common market to direct foreign investment to Europeans. How do you imagine winning this?


Reckon an argument could be made that it was actually another President who made the same sorta policy statement? Waaay earlier than there was even the American Bund?

The Monroe Doctrine ring a bell?

I see I must be the only contributor who has been fishing all afternoon.

"Just out of curiousity whitewall, is there anything in your language that you think might persuade anyone in Europe that Britain would be a reliable partner in defense or intelligence sharing?"

What in God's name are you talking about!? My 'language' mercifully, is English...the language of freedom, self determination and free enterprise. That is why the entire world learns it. Europe is more than two dozen different quaking quivering countries with their own languages and customs and borders. That is the bottom line. No ham fisted make believe "central government" in the former bombed out capitol of a tiny nation that is being bred out of existence will change that very human dynamic. The "EU", re intelligence, will depend on Britain, Canada, Oz and Nz, and the US equally and gladly. Same with economics. The two are inseparable.

Peter, you really need to try and make sense on this blog and quit the make believe guess work about events that haven't even happened. I know you are the self professed Socialist authority on that other blog. But that is all.

I'll be Bob, the first to admit to doubts whether The Donald received much tutoring on the finer points [re: diplomacy and/or realpolitik] of policy during his sojourn at Wharton but:

"We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and those powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety. With the existing colonies or dependencies of any European power, we have not interfered and shall not interfere. But with the Governments who have declared their independence and maintained it, and whose independence we have, on great consideration and on just principles, acknowledged, we could not view any interposition for the purpose of oppressing them, or controlling in any other manner their destiny, by any European power in any other light than as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States."

@ Pompous

"There are many many examples in human history of people doing incredibly dumb things with stamina, guts and persistence."

And even extending to blogdom - no doubt.

Oh and Bob, I pulled just a sentence from one of your's above where I think even you might be capable of finding some irony via listening to the below 21 minute link. Which sentence you ask?

"Hard working Americans will have the infrastructure jobs they deserve, and we will never mention that Republicans love to borrow because rich people profit from debt."

You consider California particularly Republican?

Moonbeam Brown for President?

Well whitewall I am going to guess that English is the only language you know. No doubt you are equally proud of being right handed or left, as the case may be. And your comments leave little doubt about your views on race. I think you can discount support for your Anglophile empire of world dominance. Certainly won't get it from Canada. The Demographics in the US dictate that is evaporating. Most Americans don't really come from that background. But I get the impression you think this is somehow impressive to those Europeans who so vastly outnumber you. Which is why you stupidly compare the current Brexit to war. And also why I mocked the idea. Hate to tell you dude but reproductively speaking you are losing the race for race. You go ahead with your Eu is the foe theme. But I warn you they may hold you up at customs.

Just curious Pompous an' you being the eighth wonder of the world an' all "knowledge" wise ...

Where's all these "new Europeans" coming from - native populations? Somewhere's else?

Too, Russia as I understand isn't a member of the EU - and we ain't neither so about that, "hold up at customs" couldn't the Russians, and heck us for that matter, turn off the LnG spigots and find out pretty quick how long it would be before the Euppies cried "Uncle!"?

I wonder if y'all might help me, I think I might be having an acid flash back. Miss-spent youth, 'n' all that. Or maybe Dixies cider while at Bristol Uni, used to carry it out in gallon containers and never once made it back to halls. Or something.

But I reread it to check. And it's still there. So help me out will ya?

Did BoJo just say £350m will go on the NHS again? The effing red bus thing?

So that is, even after it has been shown that £350m is the gross figure paid to the EU each year, and doesn't include the money the EU pays to the UK each year. In other words, there is no effing £350m a week to spend on anything, let alone the NHS. It was and still is a massive porkie. And yet still he repeats it again, months later.

Surely the simple mathematical step of netting off is not beyond an Oxbridge graduate?

Or is it just an hallucination?

And now I'm trippin' real bad. Did I just read that Michael Gove, the guy who planted a blade that makes Excalibur look like a toothpick in between BoJo's shoulder blades last summer, has just offered his support to BoJo?

Wtf is happening?


Y'all could SoD, offer civilian cruise-packages on your two new carriers?

No JK Russia is not in the EU. Currently their only claim to fame is having Donald Trump by the short and curlies. If I were you I'd worry more about Scotland deciding they might want to keep what's left of their natural resources for themselves. Interesting fact: Massive quantities of natural gas are conveniently available to Europe in this place called North Africa. It's much closer and doesn't have any of the problems associated with Putinesque bullshit. Which by the way scares the living shit out of Putin. Without foreign exchange he couldn't afford much at all and certainly not much in the way of foreign adventures. Now if someone were to screw with those gas pipelines from Russia and there's literally no more difficult thing in the world to protect, Russia would be in dire straits indeed. Everybody knows this apparently but you.

@ Pompous,

"Currently their only claim to fame is having Donald Trump by the short and curlies."

Yeah I figured that was pretty much confirmed when those 59 TLAMs slammed down at Sharyat.

"[C]onveniently available to Europe in this place called North Africa."?

As I understand Pompous Morocco to Libya is where those "convenient" supplies are - if so, wouldn't the security situation - with no foreseeable conclusion at hand - make those sources somewhat other than "convenient"?

"[Which] scares the shit out of Putin"?

Heck as I've got some interest in a well-drilling services company, sinking any number of bores off N. Africa anytime soon scares the shit outta me too. It's one thing for me to stand on my Arkansas porch and threaten the neighbors but as I've spent 30+ years meandering from Mali to Afghanistan, I'd now kinda prefer having a credible European Navy loitering very near any platform off North Africa I might be standing on.

(I have heard a rumor that Spain is building up a fleet. Only problem I worry over that is supposedly the new Spanish fleet is featuring glass-bottomed boats so they can see the old Spanish fleet.)

And just which mighty European "power" might you imagine Pompous Gasbag, would so much as utter a harsh word in threat to sunder a Russian pipeline? France? Germany? Belgium?

And anyway Pompous far as "anybody knows but" you are off your rocker. Actually what "everybody knows" is, any longish distance energy/logistics) transit system no matter where it delivers (or what it delivers ... the Carrington Event springs immediately to mind) is "difficult" to protect. That's why nowadays redundancy at build is automatic.

Incidentally, Russia seems to've survived a few "dire straits" before - historically speaking. I rather doubt the Kremlin is worrying overly what some Canuck Twerp's opining on D&N.

Somebody else available (or inclined even) to take over from me? I've been summoned to quarters.

Besides, Pompous' shit is near overtopping my footgear.


Monroe wanted a separation and divorce from the colonial system. 1930's Nazi sympathizers wanted Hitler to win. I don't see the connection. Don't know about Moonbeam. Personally I'd prefer Al Franken since the Dems probably can't get Tom Hanks to run. Fight fire with fire. No, that's not quite right. The Dems would have to run Alex Trebek. No that wouldn't work, he's Canadian. Maybe Drew Carey?


You're catching on. The idea is to say anything to win. It doesn't matter a pinch of shit if it's factually correct or even makes any sense. What are called "low information voters" in the vernacular of political advertising will still buy it. Because they want to. They needn't even actually believe it as long as it makes their opponents crazy to think they believe it. And there are enough of them to form a plurality, at least in America. You're not hallucinating. Crap really is king.

Oh what larks! A hard Brexit, no casH for the EU Poland, Hungary, the former Yugoslav states not wanting jihadists, more poor money draining states like Albania et al to the feeding trough of the EU, they will add value to the mandatory Euro. If you think France Italy and the Germans will pick up the tab, I have a bridge to sell you.
The real problem is the bloody cold winter that is about to descend on us.

There is currently JK some war like drum beating about what Putin might do in Europe just now. Seeing as the entire Russian economy is rather dependent on Euro-cash derived from hydrocarbon sales exactly how do you see this playing out? Putin launches surprise attack and everyone agrees to leave his economic pipelines, which are literally pipelines, alone? I'm not seeing that. Given Russian cash reserves and the state of their economy I don't think that is going to happen. The world is awash in oil and gas. Anyone who wants to kick Putin in the nuts just has to add more supply to the glut. Then too, Putin has the problem that his pipeline lifelines pass through some countries which you'd think a little stability would be neccessary for Russia. It does Russia no good to control half of the Ukraine and make war on the other half when the pipelines transit both halves. No one needs to beat Russian armies to beat Russia. All they need do is take out their cash lifelines. You think those lines give control of Europe to Russia. The opposite is true. While supplies are in glut and prices are depressed they are Europe's leashes around Putin's neck.

Pretty simple then Pompous, just place Russia in another "dire strait"?

Good luck with that.

"War drums in Europe"? No Pompous, the jihadis are using Twitter.

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