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Saturday, 09 September 2017


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"should Putin 'kick off on one' against the perimeter of the EU, how keen would we be to rush to their support? Equally, as we contemplate the, er, shall we say, eccentric President of the United States as, with narrowed eyes, he strides down 'main street' towards North Korea and China with his hands hovering over his 'yuuuuge' six-guns, exactly how keen will we be to scurry along behind him?"

Whether we are "keen" or not might be rather academic. It's our capacity which will determine what we do. It would be disastrous - not to mention ironic - to throw our bellicose rhetoric and our last remaining Vulcan bomber against the winning side.


All I can say is:

Disclaimer: I am not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)!

It's not a sure thing The Donald rules foreign policy over here. At the highest level it's probably really a group of generals and diplomats who are forced into much scurrying. That could be good or bad, but it would be worse to have President Willie Loman off the leash.

"...arguably the worst American singer - ever!"

But arguable the best American song writer - ever. :-)



Wait, wasn't Willy Loman's son Biff a quarterback for the NY Giants?

Frank, your mischievous suggestion made me smile but so long as the memory of Johnny Mercer survives Dylan is dead!

As I have said before - British foreign policy should be quite straight forward. No more American wars; no more French wars. Inexpensive and easy to understand.

In between the tectonic plates of the US and EU is where you get ground to pieces, courted and despised by both in alternating phases.

What Ukraine is to Russia and the EU, Blighty is to the US and EU. A weaker link in a chain that pulls and tugs from Washington to Moscow and everywhere in between, breaking the weakest links from time to time.

Better off throwing our lot in fully with one or the other now.

We were much better off when the US ran the whole US, EU, UK defence show via NATO. But that epoch is over. Trump and Brexit did for it.


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