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Thursday, 28 September 2017


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But you only bought/acquired it for the articles of course. Right Duffers?

When you quit this mortal coil what better way to go than surrounded by oodles of delectable crumpet which I sincerely hope was the case for him.

If you persuade hundreds of attractive young females to dress up as rabbits, you become a rich, powerful, admired super-stud.

If you tried it with just one woman, you would be a sad pervy loser.

Funny old world.

If Heff makes it to heaven, he may be lucky doing so...but a slight admonishment from the Almighty could take the form of surrounding him with completely flat chested women. No blondes either.

I will not celebrate or mourn his passing. I find it odd that the man who did (imho) the most harm to objectify and degrade women is being RIP'd by my feminist friends. And I have called them on that. Free speech, spree feech.
Unless RIP is roast in purgatory.
I once went to babysit for a neighbour and the young boy (probably 10, not yet gone through the change) picked up a copy of Playboy (sitting out for all to see) and said, Dad and Mom said that seeing the naked body is natural. I wonder if his mom walked around the house naked.....

No doubt the female employees of Playboy Magazine will be wearing black underwear as a sign of mourning.

Hef was also a Chicago native. The original Playboy Club could be seen just south of Lake Shore Drive and had a huge neon bunny symbol lit at night. To a young man it seemed classy and exclusive because you had to have a "key card" to get in, and they weren't easy to get. Hef's reputation as a leader in the sexual revolution is exaggerated. There had been more, uh, revealing clubs in Chicago for years. His genius was in finding a way to upscale the idea and market on a national scale.

I could have attended the Labour party conference if I'd felt a compelling need to be surrounded by tits.

"If you tried it with just one woman, you would be a sad pervy loser."

Oh, errm, well, mmm.

She's called "Fluffbun" for a reason ...

Btw, Gaffer, I remember looking through those mags tucked away in your wardrobe when I was searching for my Xmas presents. Thanks! The sex-ed classes at Windsor Grammar School really weren't up to the task - bloody state education, eh Bob?


Classic Matt cartoon ...


Well, he did make it to the ripe old age of 91 so there may've been something to the "new[ish]" research after all.

So let's lift our glass in gratuitous homage (maybe) one last time!

(Apologies to Gloria Steinem. ... Though she did "fill" her own bunny costume quite nicely - motives aside, ultimately she managed quite nicely for herself post facto.)

From first Playboy Issue (1953):

BTW, Marilyn's breasts were much nicer than CNN's crude mastectomy depicts.

SoD, I'm not sure what type of school this is, but I beat you to it:

Well, I did read them for the articles and I still have a hundred or so copies of Playboy from the 60's to 70's. Last time I looked they are worth $ 10 each on EBay, plus % 10 postage so my son will have a bit of pocket money when I kick off.
I especially loved the interviews.

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