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Saturday, 02 September 2017


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Very interesting and informative. "Gassed", I read, is currently on tour in North America returning to the IWM in late 2018. Thanks, David.

"Gassed" when I saw it many years ago had the same effect on me. Not least because my grandfather got a dose of it in France and while he survived long enough for me to remember him it finally killed him as it damaged his lungs terribly.

Thanks for the link Duffers. Some really great paintings in there.

The lady in black is truly elegant and is a fine figure of a woman to boot! That final painting, "what are those two ladies gossiping about" bet is a third lady who has just walked away.

You're a shrewd judge, Whiters!

Why thanky Sir! I like to think my take on women far exceeds my take on art.

I like to think that, too, but when I casually drop it into the conversation the 'Memsahib' just smiles - but says nothing!

"... - but says nothing!"
This is one way they perpetuate their mystique and their allure. They have other ways, of course :)

I have it on good authority that what women want is what men are incapable of giving — understanding. That is the proverbial spice of life.

Henry, you could be right! Another difference comes down to "want". A woman wants a man who can satisfy her needs. A man however, wants every woman who can satisfy one need. I don't detect any women here today so I may be safe.

Beware Mayfly Whiters ... very likely Andra too.

(Reason I mention Andra Whitewall might, perhaps, be obtained by what is absent on the below comment thread. ... You'll not, I trust Whitewall, attract any unwarranted observations owing to "somebody's" not showing up?)

Take that John Singer!

JK...Keep your voice down!


Keeping your voice down is easy by comparison ... Just sayin'.


The only part I didn't understand is how it manages to keep your pulse rate down.

BTW, if my wife asks, please tell her that I only read the article!



You're supposed to (as I understand) just look and think "pure thoughts."

Pure thoughds Henry. That's kee.


I, TBH, always have pure thoughts. My little head, however, has a mind of his own. He always stands up for what he believes.

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