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Monday, 18 September 2017


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Quick update: Looks like MS might be struggling to get your Outlook service back even today ...

Keep calm, and blog on!


Apparently it's Microsoft's European data centre, but only affecting UK mailbox users (and some Spanish) now.

Bloody foreigners stealing all our mailboxes!


Btw, your two Houseman quotes.

Life getting bit uncomfortable under the duvet with the Daily Mail; erstwhile mischievous sniggering made way for sobbing?

The Yeoman ain't getting up again. He's down and out.


Ever come across this, David, a little parody by Humbert Wolfe:

"When lads have done with labour
In Shropshire, one will cry,
'Let's go and kill a neighbour'
And t'other answers 'Aye!'

So this one kills his cousins,
And that one kills his dad;
And, as they hang by dozens
At Ludlow, lad by lad,

Each of them one-and-twenty,
All of them murderers,
The hangman mutters: 'Plenty
Even for Housman's verse'"

Thanks, Mike, I really enjoyed that and I like to think it might, just, have cracked a semi-smile on Housman's grim visage!

Shropshire must have been or is a rugged place?

Not really, Whiters, the closer it gets to Wales the rougher, or more hilly, it gets but going towards Staffordshire/Worcester the smoother it becomes. Oddly, Housman himself barely knew the place!

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