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Monday, 11 September 2017


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Huh, east Europeans today are threatened by Moscow to the east, Brussels to the west and Islam to the south.

George Smiley is le Carré's character. If he says Smiley's a remainer it's true now.

I absolutely loved the Smiley books and an awful lot of the rest of Le Carré's oeuvre, however I definitely noticed a weakening in the quality of the later stuff, and some such as the Constant Gardener are utter tosh.

So not really surprised by this "news" and couldn't really give a monkey's either way.

Bob, there's never anything 'true' about Smiley and his double-dealers!

Cuffers, you summed it up excellently!

I've never read any of his books, but whatever their merit the remoaners are bereft of good arguments if they are relying on the preferences of fictional characters.

Having said that, the wishes of fictional characters are worth far more than those of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

'W', I strongly advise you to try 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold'. It might well feel a bit out-dated today but it is an absolute corker!

Kingsley Amis, who wrote a James Bond pastiche, but with approval, (Colonel Sun by Robert Markham), argued that whereas Bond was a patriot and hence despised by the left, Le Carre's world is full of double dealing and no admirable characters. Hence regarded by the left as much more true to life.

I liked The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

A pity Le Carre has gone potty. I agree with Cuffers about The Constant Gardener. Disappointing.

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