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Saturday, 23 September 2017


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Well David, we are too over here. There is an ever present threat to "We the People" beyond just our government and it is the difficult to see "Administrative State", sometimes called Deep State. This State endures no matter who holds elected office or when parties in power change. People attached to this State decide who will be investigated, or not, charged or not and prosecuted or not.

It is easy to see who works for it and who is against it. Mueller will either be its agent or possibly surprise everybody and come back with a couple of process crimes to justify his efforts. If he is part of the State and shows us only one sided wrong doing, it is possible the lid will blow in DC and elsewhere. Stand by.

Mueller and his knuckle-dragging hit-men are wasting their time looking into how Russia meddled in our electoral politics. If there were truly any justice they'd be looking into how Hillary has escaped from federal prison! How the mighty have fallen!

Bob actually has a point - though whether he "intends it" or not I'm not qualified to address. I am however impressed Bob makes it - intended or unintended I know not.

I've seen "media reports" from over here - yeah me too Bob, Whitewall - that purport "sources familiar with the investigation but, are unwilling to go on the record" - have stated that Meuller's subpoenaed Manafort's financial records dating back to 2006.

What CNN (or FOX for that matter) has failed to recognize [acknowledge?] given that, going back that far is, prior to Manafort getting hired to do "dirty work" for Trump 2016 - Manafort had previously been employed as a lobbyist representing Ukrainian interests at the behest of The Podesta Group!

The name "Podesta" ring a bell David?

It should ...

Of course Bob might (will) strenuously object to my insinuating that John Podesta - natural brother to Tony - did have/has any association with the other, "Just because they're brothers JK and likely/maybe sit around the family dinner table swapping war stories ... doesn't mean that ..."

"They're in anyway in cahoots with all that's wrong with Washington DC."

Just my personal observation where Bob is concerned is, Bob will very probably be the first - depending on whatever "activity" Bob is up to currently (No Bob I'm not saying you're "Up to no good" - all I'm saying is, your attention might be focused elsewhere - internet-porn as an example) anyway, Bob in my considered opinion would probably be the first to agree with me that, where *our lobbyists* are concerned most, if not all are, "working to the detriment of the regular/ordinary US taxpayer."

Leaving Bob out of it I declare that, John Podesta (via Tony Podesta) "engineered" the infamous Steele Dossier - 'over there' David you have no idea how much disinformation damage that has caused over here.

I suspect (strongly) that I'm in the minority of my "likemindeds re Trump" but, my feeling is, let Mueller get on with his work. And, free of rein.

Mueller should change his first name to Heinrich. The tactics certainly fit.

I suspect (strongly) that I'm in the minority of my "likemindeds re Trump" but, my feeling is, let Mueller get on with his work. And, free of rein.

JK I agree that investigators need to be allowed to get on with their work however there has to be a set of standards applied to ensure that enthusiasm does not go beyond the bounds of ethics. On what I see and read of this I cannot for the life of me see any justification for bursting into a house in the middle of the night with guns drawn unless there is a reasonable expectation that vital evidence is going to be destroyed there and then and armed resistance is indicated. If that is not the case then my post at 03:20 is apt as that is not the standard expected in a civilized society.

Aye AD. And I'd respectfully submit furthering support of your understanding:

The Duck

Behold the duck. 
It does not cluck. 
A cluck it lacks. 
It quacks.

It is specially fond of a puddle or pond.

When it dines or sups, 
It bottoms ups.

There is absolutely no reason for this. I was just thinking about Ogden Nash and thought I should cheer you lot up. No need to thank me.

Thank you anyway Andra

Interesting referenced material JK.

Dammit, Andra, 'back in the day' I used to lighten this blog regularly with an occasional quote from Ogden Nash - and now I can't even find his book of poems! Anyway, thanks.


I'm not going to protest anything you wrote, and we apparently agree about the damage done by turning our government and politics into PR and (usually) legal bribery. The investigation is about foreign interference in our elections, not any particular Trump administration official. Facebook is even involved:

Btw, JK, I still do things in real life and don't sit at the computer all day. I don't even have a Facebook account or smart phone. Weird, huh?

"I don't even have a Facebook account or smart phone. Weird, huh?"
Neither do I! Nor do I have a twitter acct. I consider those online things to be 'weapons of mass distraction'.

Whitewall, Hell just froze a little more.

Wooo ... I'm gonna have to go check the thermostat.

"Weird, huh"?

Not by my lights Bob. See Whitewall's above - I will admit to having, for a portion (the last eight months) of my association with Stratfor, a Linked-In account. In my defense I'd just say they "encouraged" me.

I used a flip-phone (still do) during all the years of that association however. There I drew the line.


If you ever figure out how *not* to have a LinkedIn account mention it in a post. Evidently if anyone you ever worked with mentions your name you get roped in. I think I have one but have never looked at it and have blocked their mail.

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