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Thursday, 14 September 2017


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Roger Stone is an infamous opposition researcher, dirty trickster, and one of the things most wrong with American politics. He is also a subject of the Russia investigations.

Clinton really needs to shut up. She didn't even bother to campaign in the upper Midwest states where she lost the election. She's just a whiny, pathetic, self-indulgent distraction.


This from Wikipedia:

"Stone has been referred to in media variously as a 'political dirty trickster,' a 'renowned in fighter,' a 'seasoned practitioner of hard-edged politics- and a 'veteran Republican strategist'."
Though you omitted to mention that he is a Republican strategist (must have been an oversight), I concede that if the media describes him as a "political dirty trickster", then it follows that it is unassailably correct.


Stone is malignant no matter what party he supposedly belongs to. According to multiple sources he was one of the advisors who talked Trump into firing Comey, and we can see how well that's worked out for Republicans. He's spread conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook and tons of other despicable trash since crawling out of the Nixon swamp.

Too Bob,

You've got an insider source to any FBI investigation?

Check the first paragraph for instance on this link and you'll find the words "asserted" followed fairly closely by "allegedly."

And then there's the final sentence:

"The New York Times reported in February that the FBI has investigated Stone's potential connections to Russian operatives; the status of that investigation is unknown."

So again Bob, source?

She puts on a liars front.


You're splitting the wrong hairs. I only wrote he's a subject of investigation and didn't even mention the FBI. The story you link implicates him. It's hard to imagine how he doesn't testify before Mueller considering his well-documented ties to Wikileaks during the campaign:

Have to disagree with Bob. I think Clinton needs to keep showing why her critics are dunces. Did Clinton assume that the people in the Midwest weren't quite so stupid as to vote for Trump. She did. And she was wrong. They were that stupid and now they get what stupidity always gets. How's that making America Great thing going? Mexicans paid for that wall yet? Dreamers deported? Everybody giving jobs back to the US? North Korea shown who is the boss? Iran perchance? China humbled? Jesus H Christ, Trump hasn't even managed to put the arch criminal Clinton in jail. And this is the vessel in which the Brits repose their post Brexit hopes. I am quite enjoying watching Clinton cause so many pants to be loaded. I doubt I will such another opportunity for entertainment until Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.


I do not deny that Stone could be malignant. All I know about him is what I just read in Wikipedia.

The only point I was trying to make was that the assertion of his being a "political dirty trickster" appears to come from the media. Surely you will concede that this is hardly equivalent to the God's honest truth?

And no, Bob, I am not calling you "Shirley" :)

Hey Pompous,

"How's that making America Great thing going?"

About as good as it was back in '91.

Hmm. I wonder if anyone can remember when was the last time the Goverment of the United States had nearly full employment AND a budget surplus. The darned cut of taxes and spend more Republicans certainly ruined that.


Your assumption that anyone who voted for Trump is stupid doesn't hold water. Politics is a game of perception, and Clinton and her team played worse than any I've seen.

Remember how often I brought up destitute Midwestern towns before the election? I'm no political professional, but it was obvious they were going to play a part in the election. Clinton said absolutely nothing to address the problem or even inspire any hope. Sanders and Trump did. Sanders won 22 states. Trump won the election, even if with a minority of the popular vote. If anyone was stupid it was Hillary and Robby Mook's gang of merry losers.

Well Pompous, I personally cannot remember the last time as, I'm pretty sure that set of conditions were in 1840 - and just for your general fund of knowledge there ol' hoss, Republicans weren't around in 1840 either.

I'll leave you to your fun now. I've got a couple more boxes of needles I'd rather, than carry on with you, stick in my eyes.

In golf Pompous, I think that'd be called a gimme. Enjoy it. You're welcome.


Apparently Stone has called himself the king of political dirty tricks:



Hillary is married to one of the most gifted and natural politicians America has seen since the end of WW2 and she ignored his advice. So Bill decides to deep six her campaign by a deliberate ill fated tarmac meeting with the sitting Attorney General who is sitting on the ongoing investigation of her emails.

She and he need to go away.

I will have to strongly disagree Bob. If anyone could not see what a lying poltroon, ignorant buffoon and intellectual lightweight Trump is then the only possible explanation is that they were dunces. And boy is Trump proving them suckers. Raising the debt ceiling with the Democrats and making DACA deals? The whole right wing is soiling themselves. MAGA hats are being burned on You Tube as we speak. The white supremacists have lost their Great White Dope. And I am smiling contentedly. The world is unfolding as it should.

"If anyone could not see what a lying poltroon, ignorant buffoon and intellectual lightweight Trump is then the only possible explanation is that they were dunces."

Buy Hillary's book then Pompous.

"The white supremacists" - what's the approximate population thereof Pompous? Reckon that was enough to, tip the scales?

Pompous, you're an idiot. A dunce to boot.

You Pompous haven't a clue as to what's actually going on.

Peter, apparently Clinton fans couldn't see her shortcomings either.

It's good to see Pompous back. He gives your blog legitimacy and despite some heated exchanges he doesn't do gratuitous personal insults .

I like Pompous. He stays with the program. He's part of the reason that I read. Him gone, diminishes your space.

It's all very well, a load of old white guys whinging, but if you want anyone to listen you have to hear the other side. You also have to realise when you're being played for a fool by an aggressive commenter who uses his jewishness as a free pass to say whatever he bloody well likes, to pick arguments, and to take yuuuuge objection to anything that he disagrees with, however slightly.

Get a backbone Mister Duff. Call it out sometimes. Stop appeasing.

Before I'm called out as an anti-semite , may I declare my Jewishness.

Sarah, welcome to D&N, er, you're not actually married to peterG, are you? Or, given your Jewish name, you're not actually married to Abraham, are you?

Also, please forgive an old white guy but I can't quite get the hang of this: "if you want anyone to listen you have to hear the other side". Is that what they call 'feminine logic'?

Oh, and I can assure you that I have a backbone because the bloody thing twinges and twangs constantly.

Sadly for your basic right wing conservative some facts are incontestable. Those Clinton years featured high growth, high employment aaannnnd government surpluses. And they were set in a trend so that if those ibdiotic Republicans hadn't started cuttIng taxes and spending money left right and center trying to outspend the rest of the entire world on military hardware there wouldn't be a deficit today. Which reminds me, have you found the money to buy a plane yet for your two new aircraft carriers?

By the way Bob I do remember you bringing up those destitute midwestern towns. I also remember every economist on the planet agreeing with me that oh tough shit for them. Technology wasn't going to reverse itself and America couldn't order other countries to stop making things. What I am saying here is that the fact that they were susceptible to lies by either Trump or Sanders did not make the smart. It made them ignorant. Want proof? What has Trump done about it? Well he has threatened your largest and third largest customers with dire economic threats. Which if he carries them out will almost certainly start a recession. He can't really do anything to China either since starting a trade war with them would do the same. So a bunch of people voted for liars. How does this make them smart? The same people are whining about globalists. What were these dummies thinking? Did they imagine the globe was going to sacrifice themselves to MAGA. Hell no. They are looking after their interests.

David Duff: "if you want anyone to listen you have to hear the other side". Is that what they call 'feminine logic'?

Some might call it a sock puppet.

Peter G,

First, every economist doesn’t agree with you. They don’t know you from Jack Squat. Fact is you agree with only those that share your ideology.

Secondly, you have yet to ever present proof of any kind. When challenged for your proof you run off or try to change the subject.

Thirdly, you only present conclusions drawn from the depths of your own imagination to validate your own inadequate views on the world and keep you from understanding, hearing or even grasp contemplating the positions of others that might challenge your beliefs, knowing deep inside that you built that ideological house on sand.

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