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Thursday, 07 September 2017


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Well if the Catalans bolt, the Basque north will revolt?

What Whiters said. That's one reason the govt will do what they have to to stop this.

Catalonia is a rich province because since Franco, investments have been directed there to shut the whiny buggers up. See how that worked out. There are reports of companies upping sticks and moving to Madrid. Even the Muslims, who have been imported by the Cat govt in industrial quantities, have shown signs of not going along with the plan. Probably got bigger fish to fry.

The "outers" seem to have painted themselves into a corner on this one, as an independent Catalonia has a bleak future: unloved by the rest of Spain and unwanted by the EU.

Just like the Jocks, then! Although, to be fair, there were enough of them with brain cells rather than porridge oats to vote the sensible way.

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