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Sunday, 03 September 2017


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Wine Trifle. No doubt brought to Oz by previous generations from the UK and thoroughly at home down here.

Laced with sherry and a delight to eat. Both my mother and mother-in-law [of whom I was very fond] made a trifle to please even the toughest critic.

Duffers a Knighthood is now not worth the paper of the Letters Patent upon which they are recorded but why debase them even further by giving one to a bloke whose sole accomplishment is to drive a car round in circles?

Oh, alright then, AussieD, if you insist, let's make him a Lord!

Yes I had a quiet chuckle about the latest foolish Icecapade. They must really believe their own bs as they make a laughing stock of themselves.

"Hate, division, conflict. These are not by-products of Corbynism. They are the life-blood of Corbynism. They are what allows it to function."

Corbynism and the Left always and forever and everywhere. They can't hide it. They can't mask it for long by pointing at someone else. Eventually the mask falls and they are wanting to kill each other. Give them ammo and shovels.

Breitbart should opine on string theory next.

Jane might need to drop the revolver first?

What revolver?

"I always thought that rich business men were shrewd"

That myth is currently being disproven in America tremendously bigly.

Oh, and if Breitbart doesn't know what string theory is, maybe they could weigh in on how recently discovered exoplanets affect the Drake equation.

You're making it too easy today, David.

I'll vote for lemon meringue pie as the best pud, although the Ship of Fools story probably made me think of lemons.

Peter, people of all circumstances, ethnicities and creeds have the right, nay, the moral obligation to suck whatever they feel compelled to suck. And if they find it necessary to live in a land somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, where all truths are political, they should be accepted as part of of our common humanity, even if it's the part that was once kept locked in the attic out of a misbegotten sense of shame.

Hmm, the thread seems to be heading in the direction of the Thames at low water.

Well for my money Whitewall, as there seems to be a circle-jerk going on, I'd go with the Mekong.

You're Pompous ol' hoss, what'll keep me so crudely entertained.

Fire away Pimples ... er, Pompous. Give it all you got.

I suppose I should expand on my usage.

"Crudely" using the word in its 14c sense. The reader ought keep in mind I was a sailor, Pompous as a consequence, doesn't stand a chance.

(OT) David,

Do you ever review your link ratings? I note with dismay, that Norm Geras died four years ago. And Anna Raccoon died a couple of weeks ago. But your ratings for their links state that you still read them (every day for Anna!).

'Link ratings', Henry? Never heard of them! I mentioned Norman Geras' name a few days ago. Also Anna's but I don't read them.


In the left margin of your blog: "MY RATINGS OF MY LINKS", just below "ARCHIVES".

Henry, you are hereby confirmed as my editor-in-chief, er, but do have a care if you bump into my archivist-in-chief, he can be a tad touchy particularly if he has been visiting Mr. Barney Magroo, Purveyor of Fine Wines & Spirits to the Gentry of Arkansas!

However, you have touched a spot, Sir, because only the other day I was thinking that I must get round to sorting out that side-bar which I haven't touched, or even looked at, for years. 'SoD' is due down here tomorrow so I will seek his advice on how to do it.

Thanks again for the tip!


You're welcome.

BTW, it is my nature to pay (what some people would consider an inordinate amount of) attention to detail. It is probably part of what led me to a career in physics. I hope you know I meant no harm by it.

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