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Thursday, 07 September 2017


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For her, the fact she lost to Trump is the most galling thing of all. That was a message she refuses to get. That the same Trump beat at least 15 'normal' Republicans is also a message they refuse to get.

At least maybe now the Clintons can do the world a favor and go the hell away! Help OJ Simpson find the "real killer" or something useful. Let's have done with their miserable breed!

I've agreed with Henry and now Whitewall. Hell is indeed solid ice. The self-indulgent, smarmy, too-cute-and-clever-by-half Clintons can't get offstage fast enough.

Whitewall, I entirely agree. But didn't some of Bill's vital juices escape the dry cleaners, and isn't young Chelsea making ominous-sounding political noises? It might not be over yet...

"It might not be over yet..."

Indeed. The Clinton crime family are like shit on America's shoe . . .

It is widely alleged that Billy Jeff's vital juices contain no vital components, and that poor Chelsea is the product of a liaison between Hillary's law partner and "the Hill". The facial resemblance between the man and the young woman is striking.

A truly embarrassing aspect of American political life is that the private campaign funds amassed by a candidate can be used in subsequent campaigns. I have no quarrel with that part. The alternative is government funding, which elects Leftward-leaning office holders, BUT when a politician retires, s/he gets to keep the loot. Many of the more public-spirited politicians, and yes, there are some, arrange to donate the money to a Party structure, to another up and coming candidate, to a charity. People were observing, as far back as de Tocqueville, that we have many such voluntary associations, so there is no problem finding a suitable recipient.

However, what are the chances that the Clinton Foundation will donate its vast funds to some worthy charity? They dipped deeply into the money well for, e.g. Chelsea's wedding. The Clinton Foundation creates an entire political dynasty, a malignancy on our body politic beyond my actuarially calculated life span. What everyone in Arkansas and surrounding states has known about Clinton corruption for almost a half century shows no signs of self reform. It was bad enough in the boonies of Arkansas, but now that cloud is settled over New York.

Ironically enough, even a Federal prosecution and conviction will be dismissed as a political witch hunt. I can see little that we can do.

David, WW, Bob, WXYZ, TJ, MFA,


Whyaxye...yes Princess Chelsea might try but she is not cold blooded like Hillary or the natural born pol like Bill.

With all this wide spread agreeing going on...what's next? Potatoes and onions living in the same box?


"Kumbaya My Lord"

There actually does exist, a politically viable solution. If the recent tragic Queen of Dysthymia could be convicted, and then her sentence commuted to time served or some other slap-on-the wrist, she would serve no time, but, as a convicted felon, could not run for office again. A pardon would allow her to run, but a commutation would simply allow the seventy year old witch to live out her days in comfort. Yes, they'd keep the loot, and that would likely serve as a political slush fund to support Chelsea's political ambitions, although, as others have noted, it is not so very clear that Ms. Chelsea has those ambitions.

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