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Wednesday, 13 September 2017


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The Left on camera never looks good. I noticed the labor movement in France was up to its 'take to the streets' Bolshevic agitprop this week. Until France breaks this power lock they have on their economy, high unemployment will remain. As for Britain and this new Marxist Labor movement...since those clowns like the streets so well, may the authorities find them there and leave them there. Face down.


You've trapped the youf into politics now.

The middle-class skirt-clingers are gonna be massacred.


As Home Secretary May had harsh words for and discontinued funding of the Police Federation. One might suspect an attempt to overcome disenchantment and bolster her own popularity.

Well on the one hand the unions are a shadow of their former selves. On the other May is not Maggie, not close.
So I predict less excitement than was witnessed in the '70s and early '80s

Corby and the Unions are like rabid dogs snapping and snarling to slip the 40 year leash. They have half a century of pent-up lefty authoritarianism to vent on May and her skirt-lingers.

You just unleashed with your June 23rd 2016 vote.

Venezuela will look good by comparison.

The Gaffer seems to relish the prospect. And Pat's in denial.

There is something intrinsically peculiar about the Brexit camp and its mix of motivations. "It's just a flesh wound" type denial, mixed with self-flagellation. Where is it, ah yes ...


This is what it will look like when The Left returns. Mind your brains:

And now Farage threatens terrorism against the EU ...

"the forces of popularism and extremism that Juncker intends to destroy can only grow. My concern is that if there is no valid democratic outlet these frustrations will show themselves in other ways."

Reminds me of Sinn Fein from the 1970's. "We don't condone violence, but we find it understandable."

Peculiar bunch these Brexiteers, but one gets the impression we've seen them all before.


And funny how Farage spent decades arguing that an indirectly chosen executive was a travesty of democracy, and as soon as Junk-the-Drunk proposes an elected executive it's deemed "a power grab"!


Junker also proposes funding for pro-EU political parties, but not for parties deemed unacceptable. Very democratic.

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