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Friday, 22 September 2017


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I am unreliably informed that "language" began when Glub [for that was indeed his name] dropped a large rock on his toe and had a need to express his displeasure. Seems logical to me.

And totally off topic why do paintings of Adam and Eve show them with belly buttons? My sharp eyed grand-daughter asked me the question and I seek enlightenment.

They are not belly buttons. On/Off switches.

...or in Adam's case, an Up/Down switch.

David, it takes a rare talent to make everything about Marxism.

Well, Bob, it's what Chomsky does so awfully well!

If that's a homo erectus, then all those warnings that our headmaster gave us were a bit wide of the mark.

Poor chap - I blame Tory cuts.

I knew it!

Well, Whiters, they do say that 'ol' blue eyes' put himself about a bit in his day!

According to Ava Gardiner old blue eyes was better endowed than your friend!


"... everything about Marxism."
Considering that upwards of 100 million people have been killed in the name of Marxism, it seems appropriate.

Closer to 200 million, by many accounts I have read.


As I've already pointed out, "socialism" is a vague term. Even if it weren't how can you attribute deaths directly to an ideology? I'd sooner blame the bad actors of history. I won't bother to link any and invite scorn, but if you're interested you can also find estimates of the numbers killed by capitalism and various religions. I don't buy those argument either. Acts of war and negligence are carried out for a number of reasons sometimes including ideology.

I should also mention I used the word "socialism" instead of "Marxism" because the only information I could find on deaths associated with Marxism actually list them as deaths under communism. Politically right wing sites list deaths by Marxism or socialism. If you can find an unbiased source that claims otherwise, please post a link.

Other unbiased sources also use the words authoritarianism, despotism, dictatorship, Stalinism and totalism.


I respect your right to your own opinions, no matter how absurd those opinions happen to be. But don't expect me to engage in a debate about just how evil Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and related ideologies truly are. That is simply too ridiculous for words.

The wealthier a nation is, the easier it is to defend and enact socialism as governing policy. "Democratic Socialism" sounds nice and easy to say. "Social Democracy" or "Social Democrat" sounds harmless enough until the nation runs low on money. And then things get worse or the nation gets a clue and recalls what made it wealthy in the first place.

A poorer nation has less wealth to work with and a poor nation has none. Only empty promises and greater expectations. A volatile mix.

Henry, since you were a physicist you most likely have a mind that can grasp fine distinctions. Lumping all those "isms" plus "related ideologies" into a monolithic evil doesn't pass the smell test. I truly hope you're putting me on.

doesn't pass the smell test

Someone once told me "If something doesn’t pass the smell test, first place to look is directly under your nose".

Up2L8, check and mate.


To reiterate, I am neither persuaded by your viewpoints nor am I willing to take the bait for continuing this thread. Sorry if this doesn't pass your smell test.

BTW, I am still a physicist, albeit retired from professional activity. I can, however, still manage to grasp the occasional fine distinction if I care to.

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