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Monday, 09 October 2017


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I'm glad we're leaving. Who'd want to be in a big supra-national organisation with such reluctant, isolationist racists?

That's a beautiful phrase, by the way - "non-ideological results-oriented reformer". Where can the UK buy one?

"non-ideological results-oriented reformer"...first step, infuriate all the right people. That 'stop people from being parasites' will go a long way in doing so.

He's bent as a nine Bob note. Shiftier than a shit-house rat.

Another state handing over to a country-bumpkin and setting the controls to oblivion.


The Donald was born into money in New York City, got a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, has been a local and national television celebrity and is definitely not a country bumpkin. Furthermore, country bumpkins, as defined by income, were not his majority of voters. Only a third had household incomes at or below the national median. Another third made 100 to 200% of median and another third made 200% or more. The media blather about the white working class is nonsense.

Trump appeals mostly to authoritarians and xenophobes. They wanted to believe his lies about what he could do for them, ignore that he's the most incompetent president in history and is likely mentally unsound. His popularity is back down to somewhere between 32 to 36%.

The dislike for Trump has nothing to do with political philosophy or position on the left/right spectrum. During the primaries the Republican "never Trump" crowd was large and included the NRO and Redstate, among countless other conservative pundits and commentators. Since being president he's been harshly criticized by Republicans Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Lindsey Graham, rightists like Bob Corker, Rand Paul, Orrin Hatch, and countless others. It's safe to assume none of them is suffering a derangement syndrome. Good luck, Czechia.

I note that the only explicitly pro EU party is polling at less than half the communists and are likely not to get a seat.
I also note that Mr. Babis wants to stay in the EU because the EU sends Czechia money. This might not be true forever.
Of course, being surrounded by EU states Czechia will find leaving harder than we will. They will need allies, but then perhaps the Poles, the Slovaks, the Hungarians and maybe even the Austrians might step up, especially if EU subsidies dry up and/or if subscription rates increase.

Quite so, Pat, and some of the money that Czechia receives comes from us - well, until 2019, that is!

They also know it ain't the EU handouts that matter, but the freedom of movement of goods, services, people, and capital that comes with the EU.

The single market makes the small guys who reform rich, without handouts.

They'll huff and puff on taking their fair shares of non-EU migrants, and probably trade their handouts for it given the Merkel Macron circs, along with the est of the Visegrad group.

The Club Medders will happily take the Visegrad moolah and bolt together a few more concentration camps for the Hairies while plucking out the doctors, nurses, and engineers for themselves.

All's well.


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