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Saturday, 28 October 2017


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David for the history books it would be nice to know if it was the far right or the commies maybe even the Mafia or a combination of all that dun him in.

Jimmy makes a sound point. Kennedy's assassination is one of the major conspiracy theories of the last century. I don't care who was responsible; my interest is merely in whether any such theories can be true, whether the world can really be that convoluted and people that studiedly duplicitous.

It is all such a long time ago, isn't it? I remember seeing the newsflash on the TV and running upstairs to tell my mum, who was making the beds at the time. I didn't really know who Kennedy was (I must have been 7 years old) but the sense of shock was palpable. A different age.

The only thing about the whole affair that still surprises is the fact that the Democrats have (so far) failed to lay the responsibility for the assassination on Donald Trump.

Richard, the Donald was 15yrs old and could have fired the shots. I was only 11hrs old and in Scotland (honest tae God) It wisnae me. Donald was old enough to conspire with the Soviets... Blame Donald it wis him that dunnit. Then he got aff wie Jackie the randy bugger he is.

There might be some who care, but most will keep their conspiracy theories or invent new ones. Show of hands: Who would rather have had Trump in office during the Cuban missile crisis?

Bob, somehow I doubt the Cuban missile crisis would have arisen if Trump had been President!

As long as it is pretend, I would be content with Trump in the Oval Office because John Kelly would be there along with James Mattis. In addition, with Trump and the duo mentioned above, there would have been little chance of a sell out of the Freedom Fighters who were abandoned and dying during the Bay of Pigs operation while admirals and generals begged JFK to help them. JFK went out, the Bay of Pigs turned into a tragedy.

"The astonishing truth about JFK is that after the events of 22 November 1963, the 35th President still had more brains than the current one."

Viva Lord Buckethead!


Because of the constant stream of disinformation about the death of JFK, I was seriously disinterested in the subject. That was until a friend sent me this link.
Its a little long, but extremely interesting and very well done.

I suggest watching it asap before all the analysis of the JFK document release gets fully under way. It'll provide a good background to understanding who what and when.

David, you're right. Trump would have let the USSR keep the missiles in Cuba in exchange for a building lot in Moscow.

Lord Buckethead is a keen observer.

SoD, that 'joke' was disgusting.

BobH, sorry I began to lose confidence in that theory when they went on about 9x assassins. The chances of all those men maintaining silence for so long is not believable.

Bob, my point was obviously not clear enough. Had the totally unpredictable Trump been President I doubt that the Russians would have had the nerve to try and put nukes in Cuba.

David, Nixon tried the "mad man" act to end Vietnam. It didn't work, and he was a lot smarter and more knowledgeable.

Trump is totally predictable: He will have an increasingly high disapproval number this week when his associates begin facing legal charges.

'Stick around, kid', er, I mean Bob, 'you ain't seen nuttin' yet'! The so-called 'Russian dossier' has yet to reach its ultimate target - the Democratic Party, in general, and 'HillBilly', in particular!

David, that's only if the Uranium One deal doesn't get them all first.

Exactly, Bob, and that was the one I had in mind.

Oy David!

How is it y'all Britishers seem always to know more'n we do? Lately we've been treated to your Christopher Steele, and now I hear rumbles concerning East Anglia ... an' weren't (isn't) that the place where nowadays we're getting bombarded with that climate nonsense?

Troublemakers. The lot of you!

JK, I think it was Noel Coward who summed up the inhabitants of rural East Anglia as 'looking very suspiciously like each other'! Sort of like Arkansas, I suppose!

I suppose?

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