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Friday, 06 October 2017


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"Buy the bloody book" mean SoD buys the book?

No, I'll let him off this one because it's a novel and I'd rather have it on my Kindle. Anyway, the poor chap might give himself a hernia lifting all those other books down here!

I read Remains of the Day many years ago, and found the sideways view of politics far more interesting than the unconsummated love. (Mind you, if we're talking about the film, I'd rather not consummate anything with the perpetually annoying Emma Thompson, thanks very much.) I'd put the book in my top 200, but no higher. To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, worth reading, but not worth buying to read.

Kindle price is $11.99.

'W', somehow I think the Gods (and you!) are conspiring against me in my effort to read Mr. Ishiguro's book. You didn't enjoy it - and now I seem to have lost my Kindle - dammit! Perhaps I'll just buy a DVD of the film instead. By the way, I know what you mean about Ms. Thompson but she is a bloody good actress.

I quite enjoyed her role as the plucky heroine defying a court order to clear off from private property and having a little picnic with her chums on a farmer's field. The farmer, not played by Anthony Hopkins, drove his muck spreader around them in circles and made them smell like the little shits they are.

You can catch it on YouTube.

Timbo, you and 'W' are such a pair of old grumps! She was marvellous as Beatrice in 'Much Ado' with Kenneth Branagh.

I can see all you luvvies stick together!

Of course we do, you non-luvvies are the enemy, er, well, until give us a standing ovation!

I'll send you my Kindle. I just couldn't get the hang of it.

I would have taken you up on your kind (or 'Kindle') offer, Andra, because I have been searching for mine everywhere and I was beginning to weep at the loss of all those books stored on it. But - Bingo! - yesterday I found it - guess where? On a bookshelf!!! and so instantly I knew that it was the Memsahib's fault because only she, in one of her tidying up moods would have put a Kindle on a bookshelf, the floor by my armchair would have been good enough for me!

I liked the film and so did Mark Steyn.

I suppose now I will have to read the book as well.

Thanks for that link, Peter, which I would urge all readers to visit. It is Mark Steyn at his very best, than which etc., etc.


The books you have downloaded to your Kindle are simply copies of your archived library on Amazon's servers. If you lose/destroy your Kindle (device), your archived library will still be there for downloading to another device.

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