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Tuesday, 03 October 2017


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The story of the American Spectator is a parable for American conservatism gone off the rails. Once highly regarded, it went out of print in 2014 after years of financial problems resulting from R. Emmett Tyrrell intellectually selling out to far right billionair Richard Mellon Scaife. It's now just another right wing web rag. Far more detail than anyone should care about can be found here:

Some far better choices are:


Well happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Duff!! It has to be a gift and a blessing for Her to be rid of that boot just in time for you to take her out for a nice dinner!

Btw, Happy Aniversary, David.

Happy Anniversary, Duffers and Memsahib.

Happy Anniversary Duffers.

Thank you all for your anniversary good wishes. The fact that the two of us have pootled along together for 53 years I put down to my generous, easy-going, good humoured nature, er, and her cooking!

David, careful, her boot is now gone and it is free to reach well up the shin!

Fortunately, Whiters, she never reads this blog otherwise I wouldn't dare!


My best wishes to you and the Mrs. Duff.

BTW, do not be overly offended by Bob's stamp of disdain @ Tuesday, 03 October 2017 at 17:37. It's just his knee-jerk reaction to any rightful condemnation of the Left and/or any form of praise for American conservatism.


Thank you, Henry, and please don't worry about Bob, he sort of keeps us honest and at least he's not a mouth-dribbling, eye-ball-rolling twerp like 'you-know-who'! Thank goodness, not all Lefties are loonies!

Not to worry, David. I like Bob. I also like to needle him from time to time :)

It's all good.

Aw shucks, guys, same to you. But I'm only a leftie compared to you, not to actual lefties.




Congrats to you and bride!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anni, Gaffer and Memsahib!

I remember it well, tucked away up there I was, with six months to go ... !

Was that "The Ride of the Valkyries" I heard in the church?

Wagner, honestly.

xox SoD

Andis, very good to hear from you and I trust that all is well with you and yours.

SoD, indeed you were there and for once, thank the Lord, you couldn't speak!

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