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Tuesday, 31 October 2017


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What! No whiskey?

Oh one other thing ... you called a plumber?

To fix the heat?

Don't you have a fireplace?

Did you at the very least fix Memsahib a hot water bottle?

You've always struck me as a great humanitarian, David.

Boiler, icebox? Just put on a vest and sweater...tie not required. Send photo if tie is included.

JK, 'over here' plumbers double up as heating engineers. As for the whisky, alas and alack, with all my medics I no longer drink.

Dear Miss Red, yes, we have a gas fire in our little parlour but that does not touch the rest of the house, least of all up here in the attic. And, of course, last night I did offer the 'Memsahib' the use of my body for the night but she declined and pulled the duvet up over her head. Honestly, there's no pleasing some people.

Thank you, Bob, you're a shrewd judge!

Boys, boys, boys, while your warm body is very nice, it cannot take the place of a hot water bottle. After all you would not ask a hot water bottle to do your duties now would you? Each to his own place you know.

Well David, I certainly hope y'alls licensing requirements are not at all similar to our's regarding the plumbing and the HVAC professions.

(Elsewise the apprenticeship period'd put the guy eligible for retirement before he could rise to journeyman. I shudder at the prospect of becoming a Master!)

Oh and Thank you exceedingly Missred - now I know what my ladyfriend was going on about two nights ago when Arkansas "enjoyed" its first hard freeze of the season. (Hopefully she'll begin replying to me again now.)

Yeah, was abit nippy here abouts too, JK. 28 degrees Fahrenheit/-2.2 Celsius.

Help is on the way for Thursday, JK, pushing 80F/26.6C.

Yeah figured you was cold Ups, matter of fact as my near location to your's has no "official NWS" reporting station I generally, take the mean between your town's and West Plains Missouri as, pert near, what I've experienced here.

Saw your 28° and then hit West Plains' and saw their 22° ... lemme see if I can "somewhat paste" (its off the 'three day history' from the NWS Doppler Mosiac site and, as it's about to roll off the three days ...

Air Dwpt altimeter(in) sea level (mb)

22 21 29.98 1016.2

So I figured my town nearabouts 25° : -4°C which, according to the Ladyfriend, meant me needed to get her, a water-bottle.

I handed her my fifth of iced vodka which, wasn't appreciated.

But yep ... come Thursday!

I don't even know the exact temperature. I can only say that the tomato vines are setting fruit. We'll have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving. Huzzah! It was for this that we endured the summer heat in Texas.

What it is David is, Ups is 34.4 miles west of me and West Plains Missouri is 35.2 miles north of me. My elevation exceeds both location's recording stations an' therefore ... well you know.

Here ya go Michael, stick your zip into the Search an' you'll get whatever "your official" is:

(I had to strip all my 'maters off Saturday Michael - whyn't you UPS me a crate at 72576? They know me at the Post Office; used to have a picture I'm tolt.)

We must all pray, JK and 'Uppers' especially, that Barney Magroo's product is stacked safely in medium temps!

Not to worry David, Barney's operation (and living quarters) are located in a missile silo.

And it's perfectly safe David.

I promise.

What is all this moaning and groaning? It's almost 8 pm and the temperature outside is 80 deg(F). The trick or treaters are wearing shorts!

You don't have to rub it in, Henry!

In fact, Henry, the least you could do is send me a food parcel!


Just a bit of evil humor on my part. The downside, of course, is that I am (temporarily, I hope) trapped in "furshlugginer" California.

"Furshlugginer" - Henry, you truly are an education!


I have been a student for most of my life (and counting). But I don't think much of the current state of America's education system. So I try to do what I can to help out :)

You are up early, David.

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