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Monday, 16 October 2017


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Österreich is sick and damn tired of being over run by Muslim invaders. The city of Graz, where I attended college long ago, has had problems with the "newcomers". It just turns my stomach. Other EU countries will grow a spine, hopefully before it is too late.

Politics is always affected by the stresses of great change. Today globalization, technological advances and other events are the drivers. In 1939, even in supposedly liberal New York City, we had the beginnings of war in Europe and the hangovers of WWI and The Great Depression:

"'Mutti' Merkel, for reasons which still escape me, decided in a moment of rash insanity to throw open the doors of Europe to everyone and anyone."

It's hard trying to work out her motivation. There is the old Marxist idea of the "reserve army of labour", which capitalism needs when production is at full capacity, but who are then kicked onto the scrap-heap during recessions. If she needed more workers, then she must have realised that these people would become dangerous once they were on the dole. And with future developments in computing and robotics looming on the horizon, there are going to be a lot of economically unproductive people in Europe. Maybe she still believes, Brown-and-Blair style, that she can keep the economy booming all the time?

The only other possibilities are in the realm of fantasy. She might have been following orders from somewhere higher up, destroying nation-states as a way of ushering in world government. Or she might just hate her own country. Given that many Germans are a seething mass of repressed guilt, I think that's probably the most likely reason.

Just at the moment Merkel stumbled, and a resistance of "little guys" made their voices and actions heard and looked out for a bigger guy for leadership and support, where was "Brain of Britain"?

The chance to consolidate the single market, Britain's idea and the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, and extend it into services, Britain's forte, across half a billion fellow western-minded citizens.

The chance to build a powerbase with the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians, and Austrians, and grasp the leadership of the continent of Europe and fashion it to our "Anglo-Saxon" way.

Where was "Brain of Britain"?

Paddling back home from Dunkirk. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. That's where "Brain of Britain" was.

The cowardly idiot.

Possibly the greatest act of political stupidity and feebleness in recent history.

And yet, and yet, it may not be so. You can sing if you want to Gaffer, but the fat lady ain't.

A pint and a poke in Southampton, about face (or whatever the nautical term is for about face), and get straight back in there.

As Desaix said to Boney on arriving at the battle of Marengo at lunchtime and surveying Boney's morning efforts: -

"This battle is completely lost." Crestfallen expression on Boney's face. Looks at watch. Pulls sabre from scabbard. "But there's still time to win another".

Thankfully for Boney, Desaix gave his life in the winning of the battle of Marengo in the afternoon - and Boney trousered the credit.

Who will "win it back in the afternoon" and sacrifice their political career for Blighty? Look who's back asking the question ...

Where's the balls and brains when you need 'em? C'mon Blighty, from out of the fog of war, will someone please emerge, glance at their watch, and draw their effing sabre.


Lordy, you know Blighty's lead Brexit negotiator must be a tit when even the DT calls him out and takes the piss ...

Jeez that really is bad.

And here's Dipso-Davis and Junck-the-Drunk staggering around and hugging each other ...

What exactly are they so exuberant about, do you think? Apart from being on the wrong end (or right end) of a shed load of top quality booze paid for by you and me.

I wonder how long this relentless national humiliation can go on before someone or something calls a halt?


Aha, all about calling a halt, about facing, and having at 'em again ...

All we need is a Desaix - someone with balls and brains prepared to sacrifice their political career but who might "win back a morning battle lost in the afternoon".

That person would live in the nation's heart, soul, and mind in the same place as Churchill and Thatcher forever.

Someone must surely be tempted for that glory soon.


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