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Wednesday, 04 October 2017


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This was covered briefly over here. I have a feeling she is finished.

Britain has put itself in a "Catch 22". The term comes from a great American novel of the same name and describes a paradoxical situation caused by conflicting imperatives. In the book it means that pilots wanting psychological evaluations to leave the airforce during WWII are demonstrating sanity and are therefore ineligible. GB wants trade terms before leaving the EU, but can't negotiate them before the terms for leaving the EU. As we on this side of the pond have learned too well, only madmen flourish in such a conflicted environment. Boris for PM. Good luck, cousins.

You are spot on, Whiters, she is finished.

Don't worry, Bob, I read 'Catch 22' decades ago! Also, your suggestion that our position in the EU is a similar paradox is quite wrong - don't believe all that pro-EU waffle from SoD. In 2019 we leave - with or without a deal - and then shall we see exactly who suffers the most - hint: it will not be us! Yes, there will problems but, hey, when did we ever not have problems?

Well, David, aren't you the sunny one?

"That, of course, began life years ago 'over there' as The American Dream, surely we can invent some empty, meaningless slogans of our own!"

What about "Hard working families"? Surely that's a British one, but we're willing to sell it to the American who bought London Bridge.

Whyaxye...we yanks will buy most anything British...if it is English, even more so. Some of us are peculiar that way.

I'm going to the Battle Cruiser for a pint, in fact, the "obliteration" klaxon is ringing rudely loud indicating I'm long overdue a sesh-and-a-half, so I may be some time.

If the internet would kindly erase all trace to accompany my memory tomorrow morning, I might never know that just happened.




Ayyyee, Whiters!

Bugger, still there.

Here's a nice touch, spotted by a Graun hack. Even the Tory PM is wearing Marxist accessories ...

What next, a Che Guevara t-shirt?

CNN: "My country is a joke" ...

Good call June 23rd y'all. Nice move.


Aside from the Marist baubles signalling, the disastrous presentation, how about the content? ...

Oh yes. Of course.

Tic-tac-toe, three in a row.


Lord Buckethead saves the day ...

"I should point out that a muffled voice is not always a barrier to success."


from the Telegraph link: "It was hard to tell, exactly, because the speech was blatantly contradictory. One part was an almost uplifting endorsement of free-market economics, rightly explaining that is the greatest agent of human progress; but the actual policies amounted to a historic repudiation of these very principles"

Would that contradiction not make her a Libertarian? Sounds good to start with but then rolled back by the end?

The difference, Whiters, is: left-Libertarians do the social via redistribution, not state ownership of the means of production and distribution.

The ex-colonials have saved the day! ...">">

The rip-off of Brits and ex-colonials being quietly stiched together by HMG and EU - so much for free trade and outward facing Blighty - ain't gonna fly. Sharing the existing WTO EU tariff-free quota between UK and EU, and thereby reducing the tariff to both and increasing the protectionism and costs to Brit and EU consumers, has been sussed out.

And the Don is on the case - good on 'im.


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