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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


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It is so bad that Harvey had to flee to Europe for "treatment". Guess his Obamacare Insurance plan doesn't cover 'that' sort of treatment. Two decades of the Democrats and Hollywood covering for Bill Clinton are over.

Weinstein's behavior was well known. Seth McFarlane joked about it at the oscars and everyone laughed.

This story could grow and grow. Everybody knew, yet everybody stayed silent. Including all those feminists, of course. And including all those mega-stars who had nothing to fear from reprisals or blacklisting. This appears to be a particularly smelly bit of the swamp that Trump threatened to drain.

Thanks Dom,

Caption time: "Yo 'Bama, let's take a shower and play drop the soap."

This is one of the wonderful side effects of Trump's victory! None of it would have come to light if he hadn't won.

Good one, Henry, you had better enter the caption competition up above!

Shrewd thought, BOE, I hadn't thought of that one.

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