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Thursday, 05 October 2017


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"Even five years at the Home Office passed without any major disasters"

Apart from the uncontrolled immigration, that is.

I do apologise; on further reflection I realise I've done the lady a grave disservice. While at the Home Office, she also presided over the 2014 "passports backlog" fiasco, which was a simple failure of management and sensible prediction. She did nothing to stop the Pakistani rape gangs in dozens of our towns and cities. This despite the efforts of Anne Cryer and others to publicise this - she must have known about it. She grumbled about the Human Rights Act which prevented us from deporting murderous or space-wasting foreign criminals, but did nothing to repeal or modify it.

Apart from those failures, she was OK. A bit like her premiership, basically.

And there was me trying to be kind!

And on the advice of her civil servants she pursued the 100,000 slaves in Vietnamese nail bars, but never found any.
She's a stereotypical vicar's daughter. Terribly well meaning, assumes that everyone else is. Too easily led, as she can't believe others are motivated by self interest. She would make a good vicar!
As to her replacement. We need someone who can at least sound enthusiastic for Government policy, and preferably actually believes in it. Bearing in mind that the nailed on Government policy is Brexit, that rules out Hammond and Rudd. Dave Davis has said he will retire at the next election so not him. Gove has blotted his copybook. John Redwood would be good, but I doubt he has the support. Rees Mogg has no ministerial experience, though neither have the opposition. He should have a ministerial post ASAP.
So Boris it is. The most energetic advocate of Government policy, a policy he promoted independently. He won London, hardly a Conservative stronghold, so he's definitely electable. Indeed the attacks coming from the opposition tell you they fear him.

Why I'm glad I'm no longer anything to do with the British army ...


A pep talk from an SAS officer might scare her to death. Hell, such a talk would scare me to death!

Whitewall I totally agree with you. The buggers tromp around a metal deck without making a sound and they carry lots of "splody" things which scare the daylights out of the average sailor who is mostly immune from such nasties.

AussieD, I've heard stories about them for years. Pretty elite.

And now, with Putin up to his neck in sand, the Persians revelling in their great gains, the trap is sprung: The Sunni faction, all tooled up with US gear, air support, and ready to go, can rake the war back across Syria sucking in all the poisons from Shia and Sunni Islam from the ME and around the world into the self-service extermination camp ...

And Putin can join them.

And not a Marine's bones to pay.

Bait and bleed.

Go to it Don. You might turn out to be not half bad.


David, what your precious stone set in the silver sea really needs is a loud-mouthed, flamboyant showman with weird hair. Take it from us Yanks, those guys are great.

Marxism at home AND back in the EU but with no vote.

How's that June 23rd x in the box going for you?


The more one observes the canny nature of the EU in action, the more one cannot help admire it.

The silence over Catalonia. Neither one way, nor the other. Nothing. Why?

Well, "Bait and Bleed", of course.

Hold their coats and let them fight. One bunch of country-bumpkins vs another. Given bumpkinism of all shades is the enemy of the EU, when they turn their anger on each other there's less to fling at the EU.

The bigger nation states are the EU's most difficult challenge. They're the ones that hold back the project. If these states are broken up into smaller more manageable chunks the project would be so much easier. If every state was the size of Slovakia, or Scotland, or Catalonia the job is all but done.

And what better way than to bait, not overly, but covertly. When europe was a patchwork of autonomous bumpkin states fighting each other as and when they pleased, banding together into bigger beasts made sense, even if it meant old enemies became bed pals in the same container state. Great Britain, Germany, Spain, even France, thrown together to cut a bigger swathe in European war and politics.

But now the EU is here, and with its own armed forces soon to be, the realization that the old big container states are redundant is beginning to sink in. Smaller, more country-bumpkin intense, micro-states can thrive without the need to slide in under the wing of a bigger beast - because the biggest beast, the EU, will offer them prosperity and protection.

Slowly the old big state bumpkins are starting to realize this: They have been outflanked by the EU reaching behind them to their sub-states, and they're being out-bumpkinned by their own sub-state bumpkins ...

And none of them are immune. Even the biggest will splinter ...

And what a fascinating, amazing place europe would be without France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain, but rather with all the sub-states of those pseudo-state contraptions back from history instead.


Speaking of country-bumpkin sub-states and their cranky leaders, I think I've found the Prince of all the Country-Bumpkins.

It came as I was idly meandering through the old sub-states that make up France while preparing the above comment. I stumbled across the one whose name I love, Aquitaine, and whose history is intertwined with England's own in the distant past, so I looked up on wiki.

It's now called "Nouvelle-Aquitaine" ...

Thence clicked through to Gironde, wondering if this department's name had anything to do with the Girdondist faction of the Jacobins in the French Revolution - the French Revolution I'm deep diving at the moment. The article kindly informed me it does not, and in fact, Gironde was so indignant at the naming clash it renamed itself for a while! Bloody Country-Bumpkins eh, as soon as a bit of revolutionary Metro influence comes their way they throw a hissy fit ...

Thence to the Politics section of that wiki article. Whereupon, the party of the Prince of Country-Bumpkins with its solitary seat in the Gironde General Council was revealed to me!

I give you - drum roll, tightening of string belts, sucking of straw in the corner of mouths, muttered "oooh, arrr"'s - the ...


At first I wondered if this might be an off-shoot of Lord Buckethead's inter-glactic Gremloids party. For those unacquainted, Lord Buckethead of the Gremloids party is on the extreme right (of this picture, that is) ...

But no, the Hunting, Fishing, Nature, and Tradition party is not inter-galactic, it's for real.

So, without further ado (tf for that ... Ed), I give you the 2017 Winner of "SoD's Country-Bumpkin of the Year" award: The glorious leader of the Hunting, Fishing, Nature, and Tradition Party of Gironde, Aquitaine, France, EU, planet Earth (full address as reference for the Gremloids in the event they may wish to form a coalition) ...


Hip-hip Ooooooohhhhh Aaaaarrrrrr!!!



Ah, memories. Clicking through took me to the UK party founded by Lord Sutch, whose 1970 album I vaguely remember listening to. We have something much like the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. There's no musicianship like Screaming Lord Sutch's associated, though. The American OMRLP listens to "new Country" and "Christian rock".

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