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Monday, 23 October 2017


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More than half the voters voted to leave. Now it seems that half the remainers want to leave! And three quarters of all voters want to get on with it and leave.

Yes, yes, BOE, but Mr. Nick Clegg and his Senorita do not want to leave. 'Nuff said, I feel!

I really can't see the difficulty. At present we apply one set of tarrifs to goods from the EU and another for goods from anywhere else. We would I assume be happy to continue the special deal we offer the EU were they to reciprocate.
Myself I would threaten to impose WTO tarrifs as a lever to get them to reciprocate, but suspend all tariffs on leaving whilst negotiations are in progress.
But we don't need EU approval, we just need to decide how much tax we want to pay on imported goods.
Of course the one problem is that the EU is negotiating to retain as much power, wealth and prestige for itself as possible. The effect on French farmers, German car makers etc. etc. is incidental to them.

I don't know who said it first, but I strongly believe that "Wisdom includes never allowing Principles to prevent you from doing the right thing."

David, if you had to steal one, this is as good as it gets. Productive negotiations with the French on Brexit won't happen, and with the shifty eyed dwellers in Brussels looking over their shoulders, can't happen.

Britain can simply declare a decision and then act on it. The French will be horrified and take to their fainting sofas for a while. After some smelling salts, they will come around along with the rest of the herd. Proceed from there as the last paragraph in the article suggests.

David, if Cleggy's missus is still a señorita, then he's definitely batting for the other side! How about señora?

Now look here, Timbo, don't go confusing me with all those Spanish terms, my knowledge of the Spanish language is limited to "Dos San Miguels, por favor"!

A good article.

"Irresistible force meets immovable object" comes to mind.

In the end, British empiricism, compromise, practical solution finding, materialism, and, Continental rules-based, logic, problem elucidating, idealism are both wrong. Dare I say it, but Godel proved it. If there is truth and form that cannot be proven or formed in a logical system, and that is proven in a logical system, then that blows idealism out of the water. But if there's matter hanging off the back of it too, then your practicalities are somewhat tricky also. (I'll use a BigHen "acknowledged" at this point, lest we kick off again on the Godel front again!). Will is the at the heart of what ends up happening. Materialism and idealism both miss the mark.

But what you can say is: when the two smash into each other the Continentals end up compromising before the deal, and the Brits end up with new rules after it.

Thereby both reveal their inner wrongness.


I would suggest, SoD, that there was little in the way of compromise before the events from Philip of Spain, Louis XIV of France, Bonaparte, Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler.

Was there much compromise before the events that lead to Blighty invading and subjugating the peoples of 25% of our planet's landmass? No compromise there and Blighty gained an empire.

But then instead of switching to a rules based system that says "no taxation without representation", Blighty compromised again - and thereby lost the true jewel in the crown, North America.

Dogmatically sticking to compromise or rules ain't where it's at.

"Flicking back and forth between them advisedly in the application your will." That's where it's at. That's what actually happens. Get it right and you'll succeed, wrong and you fail. Stick by one or the other and you'll fail 50% of the time.

And so it will be in the EU / UK Brexit debacle. Both sides will end up worse off, of course. Neither set of pols can understand why the Brit hoi-poloi want to shoot themselves in the feet so badly, but hey-ho, they're just reps of the people these days, so if that's what you want, that's what'll happen.

But at least the flicking back and forth between rules and compromise by both sides will limit the damage to being the "least worst" of this ugly parade foisted upon us by the hoi-poloi.

The Frogs will start with rules and then accept compromise.

The Rosbifs will start with compromise and then accept rules.

But maybe, just maybe, the hoi-poloi will change its mind. Then we won't do this thing with our feet and a shotgun.


Well, SoD, this particularly proud member of the "hoi-poloi" can only shake his head in sadness that any Brit would think that escaping from the dictatorial clutches of the unelected EU 'apparat' is a self-inflicted wound. You seem to despise your own countrymen as much as Juncker and Barnier do!

Grand larceny the other way round!

I said that a week or so back.

Despite the Prodi principle that secessionist sub-states of European nation states are not to be welcomed into the EU, the mere existence of the EU encourages it. By offering an alternative protection and prosperity umbrella above the secessionist sub-state, and one that is more remote and less interfering than the nation state, secessionism is actually encouraged.

Of course the "rock breaking" of large powerful European states is very much in the interests of the EU. A big bunch of little guys is easier to stay in charge of than a small bunch of big guys. But the EU could never admit it, or be seen to encourage it, at least while the big guys are still big and powerful enough to clip the EU's wings at will.

But here's the rub: Article one (article *one* no less!) of the UN charter is the right to self-determination of peoples. You can envisage Junk-the-Drunk shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Well what can we do? We are members of the UN and Catalonia has exercised its right under article one. Although we don't approve, didn't wish it, and won't encourage it, here's your membership card Catalonia, welcome to the club".

How the supranational bodies work together on their dirty laundry!

And what an interesting place Europe would be when all those fantastic old states come back again: Catalonia, Aquitaine, Lombardy ... All under the hands off, low interference, confederacy of the EU, protecting and prospering for all.

So why not Wessex, Mercia, Essex, Northumbria ... cut out the middle man and join the party?


SoD, headline to a report at The Coffee House:

"The Czech Republic could be the next country to leave the EU"

Oh no, say it ain't so!

Spectacular own goal by HMG ...

May and co spent the last how ever long berating the big 6 energy companies for monopolistic practices and hiking energy prices to consumers. To get proof, they commissioned an independent report into the causes of the "rip-off" prices. The report came back not quite as expected: HMG was to blame due to excessive and costly state interference into the normally efficient workings of the energy market!

Hahaha! Another state run cock-up of epic proportions.


"Don't tell 'im, Pike!"

The moron factory at full tilt supplying HMG and the Tory party with top notch under-achievers.


How the EU might look after "rock breaking" the large nation-states ...

The Holy Roman Empire. Neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, of course.

A confederacy where the leader is elected by the heads of state. Sound familiar?

Each micro state with devo-max. Freedom of movement. Protection and prosperity.

Until that archetypal centralized nation state bastard and Corsican country-bumpkin Boney came along and knocked it on the head!


"And it is here that we see most clearly what the empire can tell us about Europe’s possible future. Its inhabitants generally identified with it positively because it preserved their own autonomy and ways of life."

Viva the non-Holy, non-Roman, non-Empire!


The Country-Bumpkin Action Faction demonstrate they are, thankfully, not much brighter than their Islamist terrorist counterparts: -


See it's all Martin Luther's fault ...


Fat lady tuning up? ...


Viva Catalonia!

"[The EU] doesn't need any more cracks, more splits ... we shouldn't insert ourselves into what is an internal debate for Spain, but I wouldn't want the European Union to consist of 95 member states in the future," warned Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, on Friday evening.

I bet Junck-the-Drunk crossed his fingers behind his back and nearly fell forwards due to the weight of his rapidly extending nose when he said that!

If Catalonia avoids being crushed by Spain and joins the EU as an independent nation, it'll be the end of the big nation states of Europe. Germany, France, Italy, and Britain will crumble away. Good riddance.

Viva Mercia, Wessex, Aquitaine, Burgundy, Saxony, Bavaria, Veneto, Lombardy, ... !

Viva the 95 Confederates and Junck-the-Drunk!


SoD, blaming religious currents for our erratic courses toward sunset is the stuff of a truly special relationship. Here's a lamentation by a prominently confused American:

"E pluribus unum"

Now there's a phrase.

Perhaps the motto of the EU when its done rock breaking and there's a glorious cobblestoned highway from Galway to the Urals?

A great article Bob.



"E pluribus unum" was our national motto and appeared on most currency until 1956, when it was replaced by the vague, uninspiring, and divisive "In God We Trust", which politicians of the time thought would differentiate us better from the godless commies:

I agree with 'SoD' - heavens to Betsy! - it was a good essay although I would need to dwell on it a little longer before accepting it.

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