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Saturday, 21 October 2017


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Those has always been said that they have such nice neighbors as well as yellow in their flag. I don't know who originated the expression.

The story as I heard it was that when two people were offered the same job, the one who spoke first was expected to concede to the other. Which would explain Churchill's silence!

I think you may be right, Pat. I read the details, such as they be, given that it was a private meeting, but alas I can't quite recall them which is why I want that book. It was, after all, a momentous decision.

The Norwegian Campaign of WW2 is one of the most misunderstood campaigns of that war.

Britain and France were doing well in Norway until circumstances elsewhere such as the highly successful blitzkreig campaign in France compelled their withdrawal.

The only feasible way of supplying German troops in Norway, short of also invading Sweden, was by sea as air supply was not, at that stage, capable of the immense effort required to support an army in the field. At sea the Germans were hopelessly outclassed, outgunned and out manouvred.

A reasonable, if not truly academic, study of the campaign can be found at

If you want something more scholarly treatise then a search on [here insert your favourite search engine] will get you one.

Bugger it

If you want something which is a more scholarly treatise

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