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Sunday, 29 October 2017


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I love Henry V especially as played by Kenneth Branagh.

One of my favourite DVDs. When SWBO, daughter and grand daughters are at the Ballet it is time for an evening of Henry V, The Lion in Winter, The Light Horsemen or Zulu, a cold Guiness, my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on my lap and a few nibbles. Almost as good as standing watch on a still moonlit night.

Life doesn't get much better.

AussieD, I like your choice in DVDs, especially "The Lion in Winter".

The Shakespeare quoted above reminds me of what a long dead friend once said after a few too many...'just once I would like to be shot at by an educated man'.

David, it's a shame you're not a great fan of opera as there are a couple of Shakespeare plays that have been turned into operas available on BBC iPlayer for the next two or three weeks.

One is Otello, the great Verdi's take on Shakespeare's Othello which has the excellent tenor Jonas Kaufman in the title role and a really nasty Iago. Definitely worth a watch.

The other is a brand new version of Hamlet by Brett Dean, some Australian guy, which is an interesting take on the play, but, for me at least, musically uninspiring. Mind you, I'm not a fan anything composed after the first world war.

You should definitely give Otello a try, (that is if you can get tech support to log you on to iPlayer).

Kevin, I'm grateful for the info but, alas, as I have mentioned before, apart from Mozart's naughty and cynical efforts, and perhaps certain individual arias, opera leaves me cold. My bad, I know!

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