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Sunday, 08 October 2017


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By George and all the Saints! The Gaffer engaging with a Euro MP!

They've got you now. Sucking you into the vortex of federalism. It's like that moment we discover that instead of "never talking to terrorists" the state has decided to talk to terrorists. Long slow road to seeing the queen shaking hands with Martin McGuinness.

And there's another funny thing: Why would you object to an MEP voting to prevent progress on the talks? Preventing progress on the talks is the surest way to ensure a full and hard Brexit. If you can get the clock to tick past midnight March 31st 2019 and still be discussing the leaving bill, EU immigrants, and Irish border, it's job done. You've taken back control, because every decision - including those 3 - will be Blighty's. That MEP and the 19 others have done you a favour.

Or don't tell me you've softened your Brexit stance!

Wassup, the prospect of being 100% owned and operated by HMG and Blighty's home grown pols not all it was cracked up to be?


I like a lot of the comments in that Guido link.

Catch 22. No trade deals no process negotiations. No process negotiations no trade deals. In the book, just because pilots couldn't get psychological discharges didn't mean they couldn't crash land.

That tedious little Canuck 'scrote' tries again. How much ego do you need to insist on pushing in where nobody wants you?

David, maybe the Canuck wants a position at D&N Court?

How about "Groom of the Stool"

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