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Tuesday, 03 October 2017


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Agreed. If only we had somebody with a backbone as PM, then things would be very different. At the moment, the EU is trying to frighten us by pretending that the people who they claim to represent might reject our goods and services. Unfortunately, once we agreed to negotiate, we reveal ourselves to have been taken in by the bluff. As has been said here before, May has got to go.

If Boris gives a speech containing the words "Little Junck the drunk" he'll be your next PM. Believe me.

Look at this, Ozzies, Kiwis, Yanks, and Brit consumers of farm produce ...

So much for Brexit Blighty being a free trade, outward looking, Singapore of Europe.

No, it's divi up the quotas with the Frogs, keep the tariffs high and make Brit consumers pay, subsidize a privileged minority of Brit farmers, and screw the commonwealth countries.

Yet another example of what "take back control" really means: Nothing changes, just the expropriator.

And what an opportunity just missed to get some leverage over the EU - they were shitting themselves that the EU quota would be spread over fewer countries, thereby causing more competition for their farmers.

And what a missed opportunity to curry some favour with the ex-colonials in preparation for future trade deals. Feel free to shaft Blighty, y'all, it bloody well deserves it.


Thank you SoD, I always wanted an invitation to the FT (NOT!)

So at some stage our representative needs to stand up and say, enough is enough. Stick your EU where the sun don't shine we're leaving.

Just when you thought the humiliation couldn't get any worse, in the middle of her party conference speech, a prankster hands May her P45 "from Boris", she has a coughing fit, and the set collapses behind her.

Please, somebody make it stop. Or rewind the clock 18 months, erase everyone's memory, and chain the wrinklies to their radiators when June 23rd comes round.


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