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Sunday, 01 October 2017


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Duffers - thank you for the heads up re R Harris's new book, in my view he is one of the top two or three novellists of our era.

David, "at a local hostelry with old friends"...if it was to The Tippling invite must have gotten lost?

Are you playing hooky so you can watch the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins off in London in about 35 minutes in Wembley Stadium?

Correction: Should have read "face off"

Cuffers, glad to have been of service. One of his I read fairly recently was "An Officer and a Spy" based on the story of Alfred Dreyfus - excellent!

Sorry, Whiters, it was to The White Hart at Bishop's Caundle, jolly good grub!

Oddly enough, Uppers, I cam home from my pub lunch and fell asleep - no surprise there - and when I awoke there was this peculiar, start-stop, American game on the telly. It was boring enough to send me up here to the attic to escape!

Ban the burqa? Aye! Austria is being invaded. Ban any form of Sharia as well.

Dr. Krauthammer has had a scheduled surgery and is doing well in recovery.

Thanks, Whiters, and I hope that he makes a swift and sure recovery.

I am in complete agreement with you about May having to go. Actually, I think it's inevitable. The Tories are a lot of things, but they aren't completely stupid. Self preservation is a wonderful motivator and they aren't exactly blind to the fact that they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating Corbyn with (dis)May as PM.

As soon as Brexit is out of the way, the long knife will be expertly planted between the shoulder blades and someone else will take her place. However, if she even starts looking like muffing Brexit, the knife will fall much, much sooner.

As far as I'm concerned, the happy event cannot come too soon.

Boris won't wait until after Brexit to stick the knife in. His "alternative manifesto" sounds a lot like the sharpening of a blade.

"In the meantime, our two new aircraft carriers paddle about without a single aircraft to land on their decks."

Correct. And don't, David, be getting your hopes up to rectify that soon.

Er, thanks for the "investment $" helping us [me] out!

The White Hart you say? Did you see a glimpse of Judge Jeffreys? He would have been dressed 'oddly'.

Re: Burqa bans, it has been illegal in Texas, and some other states, for nearly ninety years, to cover the face in public. This was the measure that effectively destroyed the Ku Klux Klan in many Southern states. The so-called "antifa" do their destruction and pillage behind covered faces, and could/ should be prosecuted for that, as a beginning.

Conversely, there is little for any society to gain by having people go about with their faces hidden.

No matter how much Chamberlain's agreement with Hitler gets the whitewash treatment, I do not for a moment believe it was done to give time for Britain to rearm. Cowardice is a far more likely reason.

Handing the Sudeten over to Hitler, along with all of the Czech's defences, guaranteed the invasion that followed. It also gave Hitler one of the world's largest and best arms manufacturing businesses, thus fuelling even more blitzkrieg.
It was at the Czech Skoda factory that the Wermacht's Panzer tanks were made!

I believe that after the war several leading Nazis said that if Chamberlain had stood his ground, Hitler would not have annexed the Sudeten.

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