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Sunday, 22 October 2017


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Trigger warnings for Master William at a leading university...the West continues to rot it seems.

Most Americans that like auto racing have probably never heard of Sir Lewis Hamilton. I'm just glad the damn Yankees aren't in the World Series. It makes up for the Cubs getting spanked by LA.

Bob, you are a very naughty boy and you will go straight to the back of the grid! I am always careful to place brackets round the title of 'Sir' so as not to upset Her Maj and thus prejudice (Sir) Lewis's chances! She always reads this blog, you know! Oh, and what is all this "World Series" you're talking about?

In my youth (back in the stone age, when the Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants were all playing baseball in New York City) the Yankees were, indeed, damned to me. I was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan (Brooklyn is one of the 5 boroughs of NYC). I stopped following baseball when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.

Now, however, lo these many decades later, it would have been nostalgic to witness another Yankees/Dodgers World Series. Sigh ...

David, please allow me to address Her Majesty while repeatedly rotating my upraised palm between zero and forty degrees: Hellooooooooo!

Henry, you saved me from making a fool of myself (yes, a considerable feat), if asked I would have assumed "the World Series" was that boring-snoring, start-stop game which is neither rugby nor football!

It'll be the Tower for you, Bob, if you're not careful!

I read Titus Andronicus, and watched a video production, a few years ago when my eldest son studied it for A level. Apart from it having little of Shakespeare's usual poetry and discernment, I thought that it only made sense as a piss-take of the entire revenge play genre. Not so much tongue-in-cheek, as tongue-ripped-out-and-nailed-to-your-forehead-while-they-violate-your-sister.

Not so much tongue-in-cheek, as tongue-ripped-out-and-nailed-to-your-forehead-while-they-violate-your-sister.

Whyaxye that is as fair a review of Titus as I have ever seen.


Baseball can be boring if you are not familiar with all the intricacies of the game. It is true, however, that the most difficult accomplishment in any sport is to hit a major-league curveball for a home run. It takes incredible hand-eye coordination combined with great power -- in the blink of an eye.

Now, about that cricket thing you Brits go on about. How embarrassing can it be for the lady spectators when one of those chaps in the field gets a sticky wicket?

Shalom TBH

Cricket is the game played in Heaven for six months of the year. The other six months is spent playing Rugby Union.

A cricketer getting a sticky wicket is usually the result of fraternizing with one of the ladies in the stand.

Shalom AD,

Most men get a sticky wicket by fraternizing with the ladies, but usually not on the playing field (unless a timeout is called first :)

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