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Sunday, 29 October 2017


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From time to time over here there are many ignorant college students who wear "Che" tee shirts like it is somehow a sign of adolescent rebellion. They don't know anything about his sorry dead arse except that it angers the right people. This is how bad ideology never goes away as it easily takes hold of fresh young idealistic fools.

Mmm, it appears we have a late but worthy challenger for "SoD's Country-Bumpkin of the Year Award"!

Remember, Frederic Nihous, leader of the "Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition" party of Aquitaine was way out in front? If his string belt and braces will stay firm and keep his trousers up it's looking good for Frederic.

But the late challenger throwing his hat in the ring is one General Sir Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast.

Will a life spent successfully bashing assorted nig-nogs and colonials from all four corners of the earth - his own personal "hunting, fishing, nature, and tradition" party - lead to greater things than a mere VC: The chance for ever lasting glory that comes with the coveted "Sod's Country-Bumpkin of the Year Award?

The mounting excitement is unbearable!

Release the tension by watching some early footage from prior years ...


PC and the "Social Justice Warrior" have pretty well killed comedy.

Just watched Jim Davidson's Sinderella ( no, not a typo) featuring Charlie Drake. Laugh out loud funny.

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