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Sunday, 08 October 2017


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Why would anyone be surprised by this - I thought all women (and men) got there start in hollywood on their knees!


"Remember when Democrats accused Republicans of waging a war on women? This guy was visiting the White House at the same time.

"The Democrats’ Harvey Weinstein Problem Solved: Deflect It, Revise It, Bury It"

There can be no evil on the Left.

David, would you like to borrow a hurricane?

We have a saying over here that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.

I had a French teacher nickname "rubber gob" nothing to do with sex, in her sixties, her mouth got round French vocabulary with nothing else on her face moving.
Also chemistry master in his thirties looked in his fifties, spent three years with the Japs, he could not understand why the Americans only unleashed two A bombs.


Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's surrender on August 15. I don't think a third bomb was available yet.

Booing? Back then, Young Englanders maybe? Or Chartists maybe? Depends on the class I guess.

Attending school around the mid fifties there were many elderly spinsters amongst the teachers who, looking back, were the result of the savage trench warfare of the first lot. One in particular, a Miss Hill taught us elocution and singing. She correctly identified me as a drone early on and moved me to the back of the choir.

Timbo, a bit like the choirmaster when me and my two scallywag mates volunteered for his choir because we heard you could earn half-a-crown singing for a wedding. I was asked to leave after half an hour!

There is nothing new in teacher/pupil romances. I was at Grammar School from 1949 to 1954 and the year I left one of the female staff ran off with one of the boys in my year. She had the good sense to wait until the school had broken for summer holidays, so technically he was no longer her pupil.

Dammit, I knew I was at the wrong Grammar School!

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