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Sunday, 22 October 2017


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Well my stars! You and Malcolm must be on a similar wave length. His post is very good stuff:

What you believe or what I believe has no bearing or influence on whatever the truth happens to be.

I do not believe in any deity whatsoever but I am inclined to pose to myself that there is a higher level of consciousness that sometimes makes awareness within see with a bit more clarity.

Again I can also get that from a large dose of a single malt.

Crikey, Peter, I bet that single malt makes your, er, Holy Communion an enjoyable treat!

15% identify as Anglican on a survey.
Far far less than that attend Anglican churches, or indeed do anything to back up their claim to be Anglican. I'd bet most of that 15% have never heard of the 39 articles, much less know what they say. They are in other words less than committed.
And note there is not the slightest penalty for renouncing the Church of England.
We are told, also on the basis of surveys, that there are 2.5m Muslims in the country. I doubt they are any more sincere. In fact given the penalties for renouncing Islam I would doubt many of them to be sincere, apart from their sincere wish to avoid those penalties.

Since we've never had the more obvious evil of state religion we're a bit behind Europe. Also, freedom of religion has allowed the spread of variations like Mormonism, Scientology, and literally thousands of others representing varying degrees of daftness. However, the same trend toward non-religion is still apparent in the US. Good riddance to superstition.

So many drones ...

Thanks, JK, for the two links to Malcolm's place, as always, he provides rich fields to plough.

The Toms begging for mercy ...


Any contractions in powerbases stuffed with kiddie-fiddlers and cover-ups is to be applauded and encouraged.

Peeps have found their own direct route to the messages of the bible and God. They miss out the middle-man because they see the middle-man sucks: Takes a skim off the top and abuses you via the authority of monopoly.

Market forces laid organised Christianity low. And they'll do the same to Islam. The laying low of Islam would be hastened by continued exposure to market forces, best enabled through immigration (if the cb's would only see the penny drop).

A world of power sceptics, each with a direct line to God. A better world.


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