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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


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Lordy, hidden messages in the DM, that'd be a first.


Guillam Wasn't that the name of Bill the Bastard of 1066 infamy?

Mind you while Bill was running amok "down South" my lot were indulging in the family business "up North". Things just aren't the same since there are no more monasteries to pillage.

Well, AussieD, I have it on good authority that nunneries are much more fun than monasteries!

Just before attacking the nunnery, the Viking commander addressed his wrecking crew:

"For god's sake, men -- first we rape; then we pillage!"

Good to read we have always been ahead of the pack at espionage aka being complete bastards. Although it has to be said that the jeans in Poland Ukraine and Russia outdid us in in bastardry, as did the naps in China and latterly the ragheafs in most places... so maybe we're just useless bastards!

So that's Germans japs and ragheads (talking about useless bastards)

David, hire yourself a page turner/book holder!

Thanks for the recommendation, David. I am always reluctant to watch anything on the Biased BBC, but I took your words to heart and watched this on Catch Up and was impressed. Fascinating stuff, without indulging for once in the horrors of torture and execution etc., and apart from the rather feministy historian on Elizabeth I, pretty well balanced. I thought.

On this date in 1415, The Battle of Agincourt took place. By all accounts it was a rousing victory! Well done to all who might have been there or maybe remember it.

Well, of course, I was there with my trusty bow and arrow, or at least, I feel old enough these days to imagine that I might have been there! Actually, I did visit the site once and it has not changed drastically. Back then it had woods on either side, one of which has now disappeared, and they acted rather like a funnel so that as the French cavalry advanced they were squeezed into a smaller and thus over-crowded area. This provided the very best of targets for the archers whose arrows, where-ever they landed, were bound to hit an enemy. Bit like shooting fish in a barrel!

Bit like shooting fish in a barrel!

I am told you can get a lot more fish by rolling something splody over the stern. Never done it myself - only hearsay.

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