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Wednesday, 25 October 2017


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It has always been a matter of time before these grifters were caught. This "dossier" stuff is bad enough, but high level people took it to the Obama White House and the FBI then ran with it. Not only they, but ultimately throughout the entire National Security structure! All were in the loop to some degree as a frame up against the Trump campaign and then the newly elected D. Trump who was supposed to lose to 'Herself'!

Somewhere in all this Clinton-Obama sewage, the name Sydney Blumenthal will ooze to the surface. There is going to be pay back for decades of underhanded and near traitorous behavior on the part of the Clintons. Another American saying about payback..."payback's a bitch".

Mind you, Whiters, the Clinton ability to duck and dive round various obstacles over decades should qualify them to be coaches for one of your 'start/stop' football teams!

Just pretend Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, John McCain and others don't exist. The Steele dossier was first financed by Never Trump Republicans. The investigation into Hillary is going to what - lead to her impeachment and removal from her walking path in the woods? This is a lame attempt to distract from the growing Republican war on itself and the Russia investigations. Enjoy it while you can.

"The investigation into Hillary is going to what - lead to her impeachment and removal from her walking path in the woods?"

A man may hope, may he not, Bob?

I think Mr. Trump is going to need a bigger pump!

Hope springs eternal in the human breast, David.

The (NYT) paper’s White House reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted, “Folks (Clinton lawyer) involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year"

When the Clinton's or their surrogates lie, it is always with sanctimony.

Sorry David, Old News, an' all it took for ol' JK to confirm that was to hit the likewise "good ol' D&N archives."

Here's me replying to Whitewall over a year ago (I'll email you the specific post upon your emailed request David:

"Here's a clue Whitewall.

Podesta & Co, Saudi Arabia and Wahhabist charities, Lobbyists.

(JK "diagnoses" a wish to get outta showing up for work this pm but, JK'll leave it to the professionals of the field. For once!)"


I made a far more expansive outline over on Dip's site some months ago but, alas, his archives are far more difficult to search than your's!

Okay okay I admit to some confusion as to how I ought configure keywords over on Dip's site - the trouble arises out of my having no Gmail account nor, having any "properly registered" commenting proxy, necessitating ol' JK offer his expertise anonymously - excepting signing off "JK".

So I inserted "Comey" and then hit Search.

From June 9, 2017 at 11:07 AM, in reply to "F"

""[A]lthough I don't hear many people focusing on her request to downgrade the investigation to a "matter".

We don't hear it I suspect, yet, but with Mueller now heading up the "renewed" investigation I further suspect that it'll not be only us Deplorables "concerned" as to who all might now be included on the list of likely investigative targets/subjects.

Recall; Manafort was working on behalf of the Podesta Group during his [alleged] Russia business. And then there's the Awan Brothers [the Pakis who were the IT staffers for Wasserman-Shultz] as well as all the hacks of the DNC emails released by WikiLeaks [as has been alleged, Russia again] but which contents accuracy/authenticity NONE of the DNC participants (with the possible exception of Donna Brazile) has ever disputed."


Of course it is true I as JK wasn't expending many pixels on blogs lighting up specifically, the so-called Steele Dossier however - my email history tells another tale (of course I'd need get the okay from whomever I was in discussion with ... something more than mere "confidentiality" at work ... there is currently alotta press reports out now mentioning a confidential informant, which ol' JK sure as hell isn't particularly enthusiastic about getting mixed up [publicly] in that sorta situation.

Heh heh heh


The investigation into Hillary is going to what - lead to her impeachment and removal from her walking path in the woods?

If justice still has any meaning in Washington (a slender reed, I admit), it will lead her to prison.

Malcolm Pollack,

As lawyers (solicitors), the Clintons have a long-established, annoying knack for pushing laws to the edge but not over. They might deserve jail but aren't likely to be put there. They also habitually lie even if there's no purpose. Opposition research is done by all US politicians at state level and above. Not buying the dossier from the Republicans would have been political malpractice.

The puzzling thing about the story is that nothing new has come out since spring of last year except the pointless lying. The dossier is a minor part of the Russia investigations. It's most likely just another shiny object for the media to play with.

Well Bob,

"The dossier is a minor part of the Russia investigations."

That's, pretty much, a chicken an egg proposition. While it is true the Bureau had a criminal investigation directed at "something Russian" as far back as 2009, the Obama DoJ directed espionage investigation did not kick in until after Mr Steele's services were employed.

And as far as it being "a shiny egg" that's an iffy proposition too - my bet is the greater media'll have to be vigorously prodded at bayonet point into making much to do with the thing. Fox probably, conservative leaning blogs sure but, the greater media?

Don't count on it.

When the dust settles on all this, only one person with emerge with his honour intact. Donald J Trump.

Democrats are now going into their usual deflect, deny, cover up and dissemble mode over the collusion among the HRC campaign and DNC, the Russians and the FBI. These people are an utterly corrupt, immoral and trashy breed. We are now told that "Herself" didn't know about the dossier. Right.


As far as we know, Mueller's investigation is concentrating more on Trump campaign contacts with the Russians than the "dirt" in the Steele dossier. Don Jr., Kushner, Stone, Manafort, Priebus, Hicks, Spicer, and McGahn, among others, have been interviewed. As far as I know only Manafort was mentioned in the Steele dossier.


"As far as I know only Manafort was mentioned in the Steele dossier."

Far as I know Bob, that's correct. "Accurate" to employ another word.

I suppose we'll [maybe] see Bob.

I expect that Mr Mueller is busy making sure that he isn’t one of the Democrats taken down in the forthcoming blood bath

As usual, the Diplomad has it all together:

I suppose you might be joking, BOE, but Mueller is a life-long Republican (see the personal details on the right of the page):

It's a sad state of affairs that absolutely everything in our current politics is so often portrayed as nothing more than political partisanship.


"I suppose you might be joking, BOE, but Mueller is a life-long Republican ..."

Oh dear.

Haven't you realized Bob (actually I know) that, when it comes down to K-Street, "party affiliation" don't mean shit?

You've by now Bob seen, Jeff Flake, Corker, and probably some others I neglect, have decided to, "check their chips" rather than chance another go-round at the polls?

But you're right Bob, totally, as regards the "sad state of affairs."

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