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Saturday, 14 October 2017


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"I sometimes think these supermarkets stack their shelves with huge varieties of what amounts to the same thing just to confuse elderly gentlemen!"

No worries on that front, comrade Corbyn will ensure the shelves are empty soon enough.

Ref the phone: You've just missed the chance to get a smartphone that looks and works just like your PC, so no learning needed ...

So you'll have to shell out £1000 for an iPhone now Crapple has cornered the market.

Welcome back!

Put the horse manure down and come and spread the like digitally, so much better whatever the weather.


David, are you allowed to deviate from the shopping list or must there be strict adherence?

Now here's an interesting one.

A bloke's been sent down and added to the sex offenders register for rough handling of his partner's breasts while having consensual sex ...


maybe the consenting victim needs to provide a "how to, how not to" contract beforehand?

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