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Tuesday, 17 October 2017


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Mr. Trump seems to have understood that the external enemies of the West are all Eastern in origin and setting: Russia, Iran, Islam, China and North Korea. The internal enemies of the West are all of Western making: all forms of the Left-cultural Marxism, communism, socialism, atheism, humanism, liberation theology, collectivism etc.

The US is at war on two fronts and so is the rest of the West. How many are willing to fight this two front war seems to be a small number. Calling out enemies, foreign and domestic, seems to make some people uncomfortable. Doing so in plain language just adds more fuel. It bothers me not one bit. I say more and faster-on the home front and foreign front. I'm tired of this getting along with that which can never be gotten along with-foreign or domestic.

David, you keep 'schtum' about Trump because you know your audience. It must have been fun to run across the hack Tim Stanley, who repeats the jibe "little Marco" and digs up mummified cowboy references from the Reagan era, in a major newspaper.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Gen. John Hyten and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, among others with actual credibility, have all testified Iran is in compliance with the JCPOA and it's in the US interest to maintain the agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency, in charge of monitoring, agrees. As far as the public is concerned, 60% say that the US should keep the agreement, which has not changed since 2016. If the deal is scrapped it could mean the resumption of Iran's nuclear program.

What Trump has actually done is a trademark dishonest and cowardly political move. He's making noises about how tough he is while putting the ball in congress's court.

I thoroughly agree, Whiters. It is not getting along, it is putting off the inevitable. Nature abhors a vacuum and that is what our past foreign policy has created. And it hasn't been for just 8 years, or 16, or even 24 years. I believe the US has a responsibility to step up to play the den mother over the "cub scouts". Some kids need a good visit to the wood pile.

There are multiple parts of this "Iran Deal" and only one part deals with fissile material. There is also ICBM development and other aspects. While the letter of the agreement can be "verified" in one aspect by credible actors...the entire spirit of the agreement is being violated as work continues without interruption on the other aspects on making nuclear material, weaponizing it and finally working on the delivery systems for a nuclear bomb. No agreement at hand will stop this entire goal of Iran with a nuclear bomb. Just because a part of the deal is verifiable and "in compliance" does not stop the other phases from continuing with an Iranian straight face.


I see it as a two-front war, albeit against the same enemy. The internalized Leftists are the homegrown America-hating moles who would much rather live in Venezuela, Cuba, or even Iran. The only reason they remain in America is their commitment to destroying it. They are a cancer to this great Nation.

I think we are on the same page pretty much. The Leftist stuff is strictly Western in origin and has its beginning centuries ago with the Reformation...some as you know, say even longer. The external enemy that is Eastern in origin and location is working hand in glove with the worst elements of Leftism. They can be the same enemy at the moment due to what Diplomad calls The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. Each sees the other as a temporary ally.

The Iran agreement covers only the development of nuclear weapons:

Allies and race, what can't they do?



One photo says it.


I suggest some further reading:


The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which has been described as neocon, is not an unbiased source. Its CEO Mark Dubowitz has long had an axe to grind:

He has some points, but I trust the Generals responsible for policy more.

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