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Thursday, 12 October 2017


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"She's just searching for a heart of gold..."

"Ignore anyone who tells you to be yourself, in your case, bad idea."

Why have you not felt me up yet?

No Hillary. I'm supposed to do that to YOUR tits

"which of us should rinse off first"?
all things tom petty
or this one

I hope, erm, multiple entries are allowed...

"No, seriously, Harve! If you were that Lewinski bitch, the stain was about that big!!

Funny, funny stuff Weinstein, but listen to what Bill did.

But did you ever drop one of them be-atches off a bridge and then just drive away?

Please please give me the flower pot.

... so they replaced the thing with an actual football they stenciled a radiation symbol on, and he doesn't know the difference! Uh, there's some schmutz on your tie ... Eeewwwww!

"I'm not going there, Hill. Slick says he only uses it as his cigar humidor."

Can I do you now sir?

My god, Duffers! What have we done to you to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment?

"You want to... what?. Oh my God that's disgusting!! What kind of pervert do you take me for?"

Eh Cuffers?

Which one of 'em are ya providing the words for?

Just my 2¢ but, I'd like to think he is asking her.

“Okay Harvey, but you need to produce another big fundraising event.”

My gosh! This has turned into a tough competition! David, you have your work cut out sir!

The Gaffer's phone line and internet connection is down.

Could be until Saturday before "normal" service is resumed.

He just wanted y'all to know. "Play nicely" and all that usual old bollocks.


Didn't pay the bill ehh?


How did you contact him? Or did he call you from a phone booth?


How did you contact him? Or did he call you from a phone booth?


Smoke signals from Zummerzet - these cb's, honestly ....

Actually he is in possession of a museum grade exceptionally non-smart mobile phone.


No doubt one of those mobile phones the size of a shoe box.

Here is a weekend get away for you:

Does that mobile still have a crank on the side?It's now an age marker even to get that joke.

Here ya go David!

Hillary: "Harve I'm tellin' ya from experience all you got to say is, echo what I told Bill to say back in September of '98."

Harvey: "Whattaya you Hillary, bet on that'd be effective?"

"These encounters did not constitute sexual relations as I understood that term to be defined at my January 17, 1998, deposition, but they did involve inappropriate intimate contact."

William Jefferson Clinton


And, as the blue dress subsequently "proved" (as the dna-tested stains and the stains' location [just below Miss Lewinsky's collar on the blue dress] ... sorry sorry Missred ... 'Bird Dog Bill' might well have *understood* that all he was doing was, saving Miss Monica money on "a facial" that, at the regular cosmetical services center might've earned (Washington DC prices bear in mind) $200 minimum.

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