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Friday, 03 November 2017


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David, I could not have said it better. I restrained myself.

I would in no way defend Bergdahl, but your framing of the argument is a bit lacking, David. Bergdahl's release was negotiated by US diplomats and the Defense Department. The US Army did the post-release investigation and arguably bungled the prosecution:

"Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, the Army general who led the investigation into Bergdahl's actions in Afghanistan, testifies at a preliminary hearing that jail time would be "inappropriate" for Bergdahl. Dahl says he interviewed Bergdahl for a day and a half and "did not find any evidence to corroborate the reporting that Bergdahl was...sympathetic to the Taliban," but rather, Bergdahl wanted to call attention to what he considered poor leadership of his unit." and "According to an Army Sanity Board evaluation, Bergdahl had schizotypal personality disorder "at the time of the alleged criminal conduct..."

Perhaps some patriot will shoot him!

Well Bob, that was CNN so to be taken with a rather large pinch of salt.

On balance I tend to agree with our genial host on this one.

Shoot! Obama deserves his first five years just for being so annoying.


You can get the same facts from Fox News, though the emphasis is predictably different:

I thought I was being more than fair by not linking an article that mentioned Trump's tweets.

Trumps tweets were quite absurd.

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