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Wednesday, 01 November 2017


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What an excellent summary.

A truly remarkable synopsis.Reagan had Thatcher as his foil Trump has May as his damp squib.

I am old enough to remember Reagan. I remember that the same sort of people who dislike (hate) Trump are the ones that didn't like Reagan.

PS. I am the only person I know who has visited the Reagan presidential library in California. Nice staff who kept asking if we knew Margaret!

Buster is a fine writer. Glad you featured him today. Hope your heat is on by now!

PM Thatcher was among the necessary leaders of that generation. She and Reagan had the same sort of enemies then as Trump does now. Odd that.

Unfortunately for Trump, May is no Thatcher.
I thought the summary was very fine indeed.

I have already given Buster my seal of approval and my welcome in the thread where he posted his remarks.

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