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Thursday, 23 November 2017


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Wait until she hears about "Beauty and the Beast". Even downloading those images can get you into serious trouble.

"I used to wonder if there was a factory in southern California where they actually manufactured all those long-legged, big-breasted, blonde bimbos"

Well David, as it happens yes there is - a factory I mean - & in California:

Place your orders quick though David, they're considering an export ban!

Having a misspent youth at the age of five to ten growing up with the likes of Noddy, Muffin the Mule (am I allowed to say that) Just William, Billy Bunter, Desperate Dan (that conjures up connotations that are hard to live with). How does a princess who has been asleep for a hundred years being brought back to consciousness by an unrequited kiss cause offence other than to a cretin of the first order. With a bit of luck she will be molested by a frog and go to sleep until I have departed her demented world.

It could be she got an idea into her head to promote herself and get of benefits..


The gratuitous violence and sexism displayed in this one short cartoon clip is absolutely intolerable. Any children exposed to such material risk being emotionally scarred for life!

Shocking I tell you, quite shocking!!!

Richard, Traumatic!
I laughed a good one!

Whitewall, went to the Saturday morning matinee every week to be traumstised by Tom & Jerry and Batman & Robin. Have been getting councelling for 60 years.


That clip is also offensively racist. Tom's rival in love is black, lives on the streets, is sexually aggressive, and keen to mate with the pretty white cat.

Hey Jimmy. I remember seeing Tom & Jerry and similar prior to features at drive-in movie theaters way back when. I seem to have turned out ok......

Duffers old chap you might want to have a chat with your occulist.

She's bloody hideous.

She's one of those that by the time you've drunk enough to fancy her you're barely capable of doing the deed (let alone getting your socks off)

She's one of those that by the time you've drunk enough to fancy her you're barely capable of doing the deed

Shades of Bugis Street, Singapore, where you found the good looking ones were mostly boys. Not that I ever went there of course - off limits to Officers and you know how Australians respect those sort of restrictions.

Bugis Street is probably not on the radar of "the cousins". More a Commonwealth thingie.

AussieD, I remember an evening drinking with some Aussie soldiers in Bugis Street and being totally amazed at how many times the F-word could be inserted into a single sentence. To be honest, it made the sentence so long I had forgotten the beginning, er, but that might have been something to do with the number of Tiger beers consumed!

As to the lady above, I stick to my original judgment, an attractive and elegant lady even if she is as thick as a plank!

Whitewall, you are strictly non PC. Evidently, you were scarred for life by Tom and Jerry. I too used to watch them and I am similarly damaged.

Thank goodness.

we "damaged types" must stick together. Wait for those others to 'sort themselves out'.

Well as it happens AussieD, at least a squad-size (14) of *my naval operators "apparently" (at least their stories were remarkably consistent) "had knowledge" of the area.

Of course all I knew of the environs was, vicariously learned.

As you say, "officers respected limits."

JK, I think I may have mentioned this before but I still remember vividly visiting the Military Police base in Singapore city - no I wasn't 'nicked', it was business. Anyway, an American aircraft carrier had docked and the place was full of USN Shore Patrol readying themselves for the evening 'fun 'n' games'. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a collection of tremendously 'yuuuuuuuuge' men. What the hell does your navy feed them on?

What the hell does your navy feed them on? Navy Beans and ham.

But, Whiters, I distinctly remember a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis film from yonks ago which had a song in it, the main line of which was, "The navy gets the gravy and the army gets the beans"!

DD; What the hell does your navy feed them on?

Lots & lots of meat and potatoes.

A Navy Thanksgiving:

Well David, I don't know what we feeds 'em but

JK, I'm told that lighthouses are notoriously difficult to steer.

JK, thanks for that link, started my day with a chuckle!

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