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Friday, 17 November 2017


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Duffers according to the following reference the UK ranks sixth in order of military power. The same source puts us in Oz at 22nd.

For what its worth 1,2 and 3 are the USA, Russia and then China.

All squaring up nicely for the Islamic 30 Years War.

Not sure why you think it will be a distraction for the West?

The occasional, "Oooooh! Aaaaaah!" from the terraces when some spectacular atrocity hits the headlines, a bit of umpiring if one or other side, Sunni or Shia, hits the deck to get 'em up and running again, a few EasyJet tickets for those "over here" who want to go "over there", and it's feet up, cuppa tea, watch the fun.

And not a Grenadier or Marine's bones to pay.

In fact when the Sunnis run out of ammo, Uncle Sam - who supplied all the gear - can flog them all the resupps they need. And Vlad will have to give it all for free to his side, coz his own blokes are on the ground.

All turned out nice again.


The Iran-Iraq war should never have been allowed to end it seems. The two respective capitols might form an alliance against Sunni outsiders, but they will be tripped up by Sunni forces within. Either way, we in West...especially US, need to stay out as much as possible.

When the "shootin' starts, maybe the understanding between Saudi and Israel will allow the latter plenty of room to wipe out Hizbolla just over the border. Long overdue.

Oh, and we don't need any "refugees" showing up here in the West. Let them stay and fight for the "one true Islam".

The US has not kept troops out of the MENA region. There are varying numbers in different sources, but this is an interesting estimate:

The most we can hope for is the neocons not being in a position to try to rule the world again anytime soon. The story linked at the bottom, "After multiple deployments, US special forces may have 'mortgaged the future'" is also worth a look.

Duffers - what happened to my previous comment?

Just because I agreed with SoD...

I'm a bit confused here Bob. I thought Obama was in charge from 2008 onwards. Is he a neocon? All these years I thought he was a Muslim!

No sign of it, Cuffers, it must have got lost in the post!

BOE, Obama was another "third way" type, but wasn't as close to the neocons as the Clintons. Funny thing: He's a Muslim and a radical Christian too:

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