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Tuesday, 21 November 2017


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David you do know it is an offence to be derogatory to a head of state in Germany and when they have our armed forces in the EU army you will be tied to a post and whipped, but it will not all be pleasure you will have to kiss the barren old hags arse.

I will face the whipping, Peter, but the rest of it ... nein, nein, I will tell you everything . . .

Mutti Merkel miscalculated hugely! Lot of that going around these days. Maybe she can somehow extend the right to vote to her newly arrived Muslim constituency.

David, by the are certainly not a "scribbler"-excited or not!

But didn't Merkel have to call an election, unlike May, who overrode the fixed term parliament act, did not implement the boundary changes first and believed that she was popular?

Nick Ridley was right all those years ago. The whole thing IS a German racket.


First sentence past tense, bang on. Second sentence present tense, whack, whack, ooops.

The Jerries are toast. The crown of europe is rolling around in the gutter, like me after ten pints. Fair to say that's roughly where I am in Czech Rep right now! A day long grazing on Starobrno and Slivovice, a few mins before my head hits the pillow and oblivion ensues. And yes, it will hurt in the morning.

Here's the news on the ground in battlefield Europa. The rebs need leadership. The Jerries are flat on their tits, the French poodle is sniffing round its prostate master not knowing what to do, and the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians, you know, those guys who were flying Spits and Hurricanes over Kent 80 years ago to keep you free (ok, minus the Magyars, there might have been a few of them in ME109's, but ya know what I mean), are crying out, "C'mon Blighty, you dropped us in the shit in '39, wake up and take the reins 80 years later, puhleeeeaaase!"

Bumpkins? Hello? Your forefather are spinning in their graves at the testicular void between your legs. GROW A PAIR AND GET BACK IN THERE!!!


SoD Just for your information pilots in the Battle of Britain by nationality.

UK 2353, Poland 145, New Zealand 135, Canada 112, Chechoslovakia 88, Belgium 36, Australia 32, Sth Africa 25, France 14, Ireland 10, USA 11, Rhodesia 4, Others 4.

In other words the pilots from the UK made up 79% of the total. In my world your Bumpkins carried the bulk of the load.

You really are SaD SoD. We don't want to provide leadership to the Europeans. We have been there, done that. And a fat lot of good it did us. As to AussieD's numbers what catches my eye is that most of the non-UK pilots were from the Anglosphere.


Whether or not the Germans wish the EU to continue in the direction it is heading is only part of the equation. Granted the whole set up is jigged for the enrichment of Germany at the expense of the Mediterranean states, but when Merkel goes, what then?

Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are currently showing the finger over immigration and concerns over democracy and the political pendulum in Europe has started swinging to the right. In the Mediterranean states, poverty is rising and externally set EU austerity packages are going down like a cup of warm vomit.

The one person who can hold all this together is Angela Merkel. However, her coalition talks have just collapsed and in consequence her position is starting to look very wobbly indeed. Once she goes, the whole shebang is likely to implode. Who else could possibly take take her place - Emmanuel Macron?

All I can say is good luck with that!!


"We don't want to provide leadership to the Europeans. We have been there, done that. And a fat lot of good it did us."

When was that then?


1914-18 & 1939-1945. Before your time.

As Michael Heseltine said recently: -

"We won the wars, and then lost the peace."

Without following through on those military victories to win the peace and keep it won, then you are right: it will have done us "A fat lot of good".

Those wartime lives of brave men lost were wasted on the peacetime cowards that followed.



"... but when Merkel goes, what then?"

Then Blighty.


Gaffer, I responded to OzD's observations about the foreign squadrons during the Battle of Britain, but it seems to have disappeared into the Typepad dustbin.

Can you rummage in there and hook one of them out? (I posted the whole thing twice, btw, and both got gobbled up).



Are you saying that Britain's whole livelihood depends on your beloved Fuhrer staying in office?

Shurely shome mishtake!!!

It also seems the West does not do well with "peace"? That is the period where we have to confront our "inner monsters".

Sorry, SoD, I can find no trace of it. If you have a copy you could e-mail it to me and I will try and publish it.

Belay that David, better left in the ether.

DD - listen to the man with the dingle dangles.

Finally the day has come.

No Richard, I'm saying Blighty's turn to run the EU show has come - just as we've absented ourselves.


Had to shave (the left side) off Andra. Set the right side afire burning leaves.

Gone again.

This one's without the link.


Wow, that's weird.

That link causes Typepad to drop the comment.

What about this one ...





If you copy paste the four bits above together to make a link, it goes to a page about the Polish 303 squadron.

If you paste the link (combined together as a proper link as described) into a TypePad comment and post it, it appears to work, but if you refresh the page the comment disappears.


Lawrence, I have no idea what you are on about, ring me when you get home.

Erm... Been at the wacky-baccy Lawrence?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to recall that all of Britain's imperial hopes and ambitions ended soon after the last World War. I wish I could say the same for Germany. You've got to admire her persistence though. since 1914 She has twice tried - and failed - to conquer Europe by force of arms. Now it's third time lucky, and this time she's taking the oblique approach.


You've read about Merkel unable to form a coalition, right?

If Merkel can't form a coalition, the Jerries are toast. The leading role in the EU is open to the usurper. The crown lies in the gutter waiting for someone to pick it up with their sword (of hot air, unlike Boney's of cold steel).

It's as if the Panzers ran out of fuel 5 miles before the coast! A truly dramatic plot line twist. Like the Battle of the Bulge film scene where the yanks are rolling barrels of gasoline down the hill from the fuel depot as the thirsty Tigers and Panthers splutter to a halt in the valley below, and then setting them on fire!

Time to turn the boats around, boys and girls.

Not just Blighty, but the whole Anglo-sphere. In your hearts and souls you know it's true.

I won't tell anyone how keen you were to do a runner from your historical duty - if you don't tell anyone I did once too.


Definitely the wacky-baccy, Richard, plus a glass or three of slivovice!

Here you go, here's that link, I sneaked around the issue using Bitly ...

So the Polish 303 squadron scored the highest number of verified kills of all 66 squadrons in the Battle of Britain.

Auntie Babs says the Polish, Czech, and Slovak pilots she met in WWII were the handsomest of the lot, in their sky blue uniforms they were "a dish".

A sceptical British officer joined them on a sortie to check whether they were telling porkies, here's his report from the above link ...

"Still skeptical, Vincent decided he would find out for himself.

On September 11, he was following the squadron in his own Hurricane when the Poles encountered a large enemy bomber formation over Horsham heading for London

Flying above the squadron, Vincent watched as two Hurricanes peeled off and dived almost vertically at the German bombers “with near suicidal impetus.”

Startled by the ferocity of the attack, the German pilots broke formation, whereupon the Poles began picking off the scattered bombers one by one.

Several times during the combat, the Poles would close almost to a collision point before opening fire on a target. The results were devastating for the Germans.

“Suddenly,” Vincent declared, “the air was full of burning aircraft, parachutes, and pieces of disintegrating wings. It was all so rapid that it was staggering.”

An experienced fighter pilot himself, Vincent tried to get into the fight, but every time he started to close on an enemy bomber, a “diving Pole would cut in between, and I had to pull away to avoid being hit myself.”

Remaining prudently on the sidelines, Vincent was finally persuaded.

When he landed at Northolt that afternoon, he told his intelligence officer, “My God, they are doing it!”

With observers in tow, the 303rd again notched up 14 confirmed kills, an RAF squadron record for a single day.

After that, he was sceptical no more.

Or as auntie Babs might say, "Handsome is as handsome does".


Unfortunately nostalgia is just nostalgia. Most of us don't want to rescue ungrateful Europeans from whatever mess they are constructing. Time for us to pull out of NATO as well. This country is full of people who don't want to die for Queen and country - let alone Estonia!

"This country is full of people who don't want to die for Queen and country..."

Couldn't agree more. And this time around it's only hot air that's needed.

Surely they can manage that?

Has "Halitosis Hall" (as Auberon Waugh used to call it - I think it was him?) really given up the ghost that far?



Britain will never lead Europe for the very good reason that over the years she has enjoyed unchallenged status as one of the most hated nations on Earth. It seems that liberating Europe twice (with the help of our American cousins) has counted for absolutely nothing. The only thing that the Europeans love about us is our money. They cordially detest us!

Now I know a thing or two about detested nation status. Of the three countries that top the leader board, I am a citizen of one (Britain) have lived in another (Russia) and have many friends from the third (America) some of whom are posters on this illustrious forum. Now if you were to say that Germany should top the list (two world wars and a mania for domination) I would agree with you, but for some unfathomable reason, she doesn't even come close!!

Great post on 303 Sqn. by the way!!


Yes, I echo Richard, in congratulating you, SoD, for persisting with that link on the Polish squadron, not that it surprises me, shades of the old Polish Lancers who, unfortunately, were fighting on the wrong side when their reputation was made!

As for, er, 'Britain's place in the world' - fahgeddabouttit! Let us just concentrate on running our own country as well as we can and leave others to look after themselves. As and when circumstances change then we may consider changing also - but not now!

Gentlemen and Lady,

I have thoroughly enjoyed following this thread! What else is Great Britain supposed to do for heavens sake?! The developed world speaks her language, and, any nation enjoying freedom today can probably thank the British Empire/Commonwealth.

I think the next German coalition will be between Mercedes,VW, Audi, BMW, Siemans, Audi, Airbus and Deutsch Bank. The new "Rhur valley" Mind you having
Boris and Gove as the dambusters is a stretch of the imagination too far

I dunno, Peter, were we to drop Boris from a height the damage might be considerable!

Bloody plagiarism, I tell you! ...

At least Simon Jenkins, who's a bit of a silly sausage most of the time, is properly realizing the leadership role now vacant in Europe in relation to Brexit. Specifically: not the Brexiteers' "How does it affect Brexit?", nor even the Remainers' "How does it affect us trying to Remain?", but rather a distinct nuance with as many options and angles as Brexit itself: "How does it affect us re-entering to assert and even lead?".

What shall we call "Re-entering to assert and even lead", btw? Bre-entry? (Pronounced like re-entry with a B on the front: Bree-en-tree)

Coz we're not entering, we've already been in. But we're not Remaining either, the stat5us quo is gorn. We are re-entering.

He correctly remarks Blighty's tragic past in being absent in brains and will at any similar "Carpe Diem, FFS, pick up the crown while it's rolling around in the gutter!" point in history. And then coming to it too late, so that what woulda-coulda-shoulda been a hot air match and bit of deft robbery, becomes a full blown military conflict.

Honestly, it is bloody extraordinary how history repeats itself, isn't it?

Will Blighty, for the first time in history, do the "Carpe Diem" on Europe?

Will someone in Blighty unsheathe Excalibur and "just do it": Lead the Anglo-sphere back to its birthing house, crib of the Angles, Saxons, and Celts, and take care of old Mama and Papa Europa before they start rowing again and mess Westeros up for the n plus one-th time?

Or will history just repeat itself?

Better than Game of Thrones, this one.


Oh balls ...

Looks like it's back to Blighty having it's Brexit nose rubbed in it again.


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