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Thursday, 23 November 2017


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Nothing important? Duffer you jest surely?

The most important sporting contest in the entire Nebula is in progress. "The Ashes". At the end of day 1 England are 4 for 198 and have to front up tomorrow morning to an irritable Mitchell Starc and the new ball.

Fat Boy Kim and Kaiserin Angela Murky are irrelevant compared to this contest.

..and that should leave "the cousins" somewhat confused.

How could I have forgotten such a momentous occasion, AussieD, particularly as I was (half) listening to it on my radio this morning. 4 for 198, not bad given the circs - and the location!

Could you trot through that again...this time in English :)

It is said that a calm comes before a storm.

I really do hope that the saying is wrong in this case.

(Except when typing) keep all fingers tightly crossed.

David, you'll recall (well ... likely not but a feller may hope) back on the 13th I left you this?

So about all I'd place on offer is - just wait "about" a roundabout seven days of the week containing December 9th. Most probably after.

Mark your calendar!

Now you've got me worried, JK!

Well you did ask I alert you to missile launches.

Trump's tweets are covered here every day. A news search shows:

his tweets get nearly no coverage in the UK (lucky you)

they're almost never mentioned in US "conservative" media

The US is politically schizophrenic.

Whitewall I was referring to a cricket series between England and Australia comprising five five day games of two innings for each team [if it goes full time]. The trophy is a small urn containing the ashes of the stumps from the first of these competitions way back in the mists of time. Each team comprises eleven players and the team bowling [sort of like pitching only more refined] has to get ten of the eleven batsmen out to complete the innings.

It is the game played in Heaven during the summer. Rugby Union being the game played in Heaven in winter.

Simples really

AussieD, thanks! I appreciate the tradition as you explained it. I have seen a bit of Rugby and like it okay. Now cricket, well, I still need some tutoring. I never can detect the critical moment in a match(?)

Oh Bob,

"they're [tweets] almost never mentioned in US "conservative" media"

Sure the tweets get mentioned Bob - though not in the form your side surely sits awaiting in quiet desperation (in order to expound "Oh, we've got the vapors!" )

The conservative media duly notes whatever "weeny uproar" has placed y'all on all y'alls fainting couches.


Show me an example, and I'll link how the mainstream covers the tweets. My "side" is people who don't rely on propaganda outlets for "news" and try to ignore spin. I realize you probably believe that too, and it's an example of the political schizophrenia of our culture. The tweets are covered too much, but since they're statements by the president I can't fault the media.

But like I said Bob, too too many of the US' Never-Trumpers take to the fainting couch. You'll recall (somebody) all in a flux with Nuke France?


I'll be. Fox wrote something, though they give a light touch and try to end on a positive note:

Bloomberg isn't what a lot of wingers think of as "conservative", so maybe you're not as winger as I thought. Trump's European nuke remark was from an interview. I thought it was funny. Sarcasm is hard to do in writing.

Figgers Bob - not too many takers when the declaratives come down as

"Show me an example, and I'll link how the mainstream covers the tweets ..."

So; Bloomberg's not mainstream?


I'll get back to you Bob (as I've time) to search David's archives for what I'd describe (that somebody) as being ... oh, overwrought I'd say. Your memory serve you well Bob?

"Nuking the EU" you may recall, was a tweet - nuking France alone not so much.


Bloomberg is mainstream. Since you didn't show me an example of "conservative" media covering Trump tweets I showed you one, and was surprised to find it. This video shows the interview I was referring to:

You can hear the audience laugh. Trump has made other statements about using nukes in Europe, though. One because "Europe is a big place".

You're familiar Bob, with what a wedgie is?

That's, pretty much, what Trumps been doing all along - except that his "detractors" simply do not get it. They fall for it everytime, dependably fall for it. Meanwhile Trump packs the courts, disarms the regulators, puts The Fourth Estate into an ineffectual tizzy.

Just personally speaking, I find it funny that Trump so effortlessly does wedgies.

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