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Tuesday, 07 November 2017


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"her own Conservative party as "the nasty party". If only they were? A Corbyn government might only succeed to failure. That is all the Left can manage, but will call it something else. That's why it never dies.

There was a brief flash of relief when Cameron departed, but it soon became clear that May was uselessness personified. I wouldn't mind if she was lacking ideological commitment, providing she was good at the business of government. But she was a disaster at the Home Office, and is good only at letting things slide.

A couple of years ago, I remember musing on here with several others that a catastrophic set of circumstances (a failed war, perhaps? Massive devaluation? Inflation going to 1970s levels?) could lead to us looking at a Labour Government. Those circumstances seem to have happened, without any of us noticing. Sane, literate, middle-class people of my acquaintance are talking about Prime Minister Corbyn. And what's worse, however badly he wrecks the economy, it will all be the fault of those who voted for Brexit. The Conservatives used to be the party who had a visceral will to retain political office. Now they just want to give it all away.

David, you made much sport of Harvey Weinstein's sexual predation, but don't seem interested in naming Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, First Secretary of State Damian Green or International Trade Minister Mark Garnier, among others. You were all over Democrats' missteps of any kind but seem uninterested in the details of Boris Johnson's throwing Nazarin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to the Mullahs of Iran or his covering for International Development Secretary Priti Patel's secret meetings in Israel.

I sense a double standard. I'm also beginning to agree with SoD that Labour has a good chance of dominating the government before much longer.

Bob, I am not the world's policeman and were I to attempt to cover every stupidity committed by politicians and big, fat impresarios, I wouldn't have the time to compose the witty, erudite and scintillating posts that I do - sorry, were you trying to say something?

Somehow feeling proud myself.

David, you're not the world's policeman but definitely a critic of GB, EU and US politics and society. I'm looking forward to your John Bull opinions on the Tory meltdown and Corbyn government.

Btw, I also hope you'll comment on Her Majesty keeping company with rock stars and other unsavory types:


Rightly proud. He was the best kind of man, and makes me feel humble and deeply grateful.

"And what's worse, however badly he wrecks the economy, it will all be the fault of those who voted for Brexit"

That'd be true enough.

Should have thought of that before you voted Brexit. Should've listened to yours truly when I explained that exactly this would happen before, during, and immediately after the referendum.

There's no hope for you now. All options beckon oblivion for Blighty.

I'm sad about that because Blighty could be leading the reformation of the EU now.

But disintegration of Britain suits me fine. Brussels couldn't give a shit about hinterland England, the Sweaties, Taffies, or Paddies. But they do give a shit about London. London will get EU membership the day after Britain ceases to exist. And I will be there.

The rest of broken Britain can join the back of the queue behind Catalonia. You can take Her Maj as well, and rifle your way through her off shore millions to keep yourself going while you're waiting in line.



No, we didn't listen because you failed to explain your case with any cogency. Emotional pleading with a coating of econo-waffle rarely convinces anyone, especially when it gets mixed up with fake old-soldier vulgarity.

Even if you had convinced every one of your Dad's massive readership, would it have made any difference? We are going to face some hard times, to be sure, but that's because we have a useless Tory cow as premier.

Thank you, Ortega, for that news report concerning Ignacio Echeverría, an exceedingly heroic Spaniard.

Sod you still havent understood have you.

David, the "John Bull" crack only meant you're not a professional. Your writing is consistently good; excellent if you do your own proof reading.


SoD, is the news of the London "Brexodus" overstated?

"Died hours later," of a stab wound? NHS eats another one. Bullets are quick. Stabbing deaths take mucho time. This is deplorable. Were they looking for his lost paperwork? Oh, well, at least it's free. (And damned well worth it.)

Good point, MFA.


The NHS is already being squeezed on the supply of EU doctors, nurses, and carers all across Britain and London. The exodus at this stage is more reduced immigration than emigration. There are some signs of established EU citizens returning to the EU, but not an exodus (yet). But we haven't done Brexit yet.

Longer term ref banking, and maybe other industries, there are "transaction mirroring" type mechanisms that can be exploited to keep the bankers jobs (and others) in London and make the transactions "EU compliant" without being in the single market. Basically you make the transaction in the EU via a registered subsidiary there to get all the visibility and paperwork done in the single market. Then kinda reverse it out with a journal, and make a duplicate transaction in London. That way the bum stays on the seat in London and the tax gets paid to the exchequer, but the original transaction is made in the EU single market and therefore compliant.

How far and wide the EU will ride with that loophole exploitation remains to be seen.

London will have a mitigation against single market loss, but the low tech, low sophistication industries outside of London, turnip growing and processing and the like, won't get their heads around it at all, and will stay outside the EU paywall. (Or the EU will target these industries for exclusion from the loophole - they need banking, finance, and tech, not turnip growers).

That'll mess the turnip growers up badly. (Most surveys show that Brexit adversely affects the people who voted for it worse than those who voted Remain, and this is an example of why). And the turnips will come begging for more tax take from London, and that will be the process that will force more bums to relocate to EU seats and pay their tax there.

Perhaps more of a gradual brain drain like the 70's than an exodus.


SoD, thank you for the explanation. One of the biggest similarities between Brexit and Trumpism is that people who supported them most will be hurt worst.

Rule of thumb must be that if it's not a 'Bugger's Muddle', it's most likely a 'Dilemma'. Not a 'Dilemna', though; apparently and authoritively there is actually no such thing. Don't beat yourself up too much about it, though. I frequently found myself on the horns of one, before my mistake was pointed out. After that I felt much better!

...'authoritatively', before you or any of your paid for, no doubt Soros funded, grammar groupies point out the innocent hurried misspelling. As an actual matter of fact, I think it's fitting to publically humble oneself from time to time. Keeps it real, like...Where's that frigging cat? Never liked the little shit...Come here, why don't you? Take that you predatory bastard!

You say dilemma, I say dilemna;
You say authoritatively, I say authoritively;
You say publically, I say publicly
Let's call the whole thing off!


Ref the EU turning the screws and forcing an exodus ...

Cough up what you owe, crooked Britain, or else we'll take it via other means, says the EU.

Sigh, kinda obvious really.

In fact they'll probably do both: Get crooked Britain to cough up what it owes, and then nick all the business from London anyway.

I mean, why wouldn't they? What can Blighty do about it? Nada.


"Let's call the whole thing off!"

Now yet talkin'!


You are an utterly charming, funny, self-deprecating, worthwhile and talented guy. That's actually why we bother to read your 'blog' (in itself, quite a sort of awkwardly toilet-y type related word). I'll give you 'publicly', but please renounce dilemna. It's not a take it or leave it type of thing; it's just a wronger than Mr Wrong on the wrongiest day of the wrongest year type of thing.


In my miniscule understanding of history groups attempting to leave empires or other state unions have been dealt with unkindly. Powerful vested interests generally push back ruthlessly. The situation does seem less than unique if not obvious.

I seem to recall that leaving an empire seemed to work out very well for our American cousins. I also recall that both the empire that America left, and the wanabee empire that Britain is leaving now were blessed with the same eye-wateringly high level of incompetence.

It's a funny thing - history. What goes around definitely comes around.

Excellent points! We left The Empire once but in 1812 we were reminded that HMG did not appreciate it. Mercifully GB was tied up with larger matters on the European Continent-The EC.

Over here we have possibly the worst political class ever. The rest of the West seems to have some too.

"One of the biggest similarities between Brexit and Trumpism is that people who supported them most will be hurt worst."
Partisan forecasts are a dime a dozen and not worth a damn. Whereas the devastation of 0bama's of hopey-dopey supporters is an accomplished fact.

Moreover, whereas Leftists are primarily all about "What's in it for me?", patriots care more about the welfare of their country.

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